February 19, 2013 09:00 ET

Innovative Comics, Novel, and Nonfiction Application NARR8 Launches on Google Play for Android Devices

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 19, 2013) - Digital entertainment publisher NARR8 announces today the launch of the NARR8 application on Android™ smartphones and tablets. NARR8 is a free application available worldwide that delivers explosive and original multimedia series in the form of dynamic motion comics and engaging, interactive series across an extensive offering of content genres. The app offers a huge variety of compelling fiction and nonfiction, all of which springs to life with a tap of the touch screen, adding lively animations, special effects, and full music soundtracks that take the experience of reading stories to an entirely new level. Currently, NARR8's creative content studios have already created motion comics, interactive novels, and interactive nonfiction articles in such genres as superhero comics, sci-fi, fantasy, video games, and horror, along with popular science and world history -- with many more additional series in completely new genres to come.

"With the launch of NARR8 in November of last year, we saw great success and reception from within the iOS community. Quickly, however, we discovered that many people who did not own an iPad® device were eagerly awaiting our launch on other platforms. And so, we are pleased to join the rapidly growing Android community, and are planning to grow even further in the next few months," said Alexander Vashchenko, founder of NARR8.

NARR8 uses a proprietary HTML5 engine that pushes the boundaries of the reading experience. Devices running Android 4.0 or higher will be able to experience this seamless integration of high-quality art, animation, and sound in each series. Series content is presented in constantly updated, episodic format, with the most recent addition being an official adaptation of bestselling fantasy author Vadim Panov's "The Secret City." As an interactive reading experience with elements of gamification, "The Secret City" not only expands upon the technological capabilities of NARR8, but also broadens the app's already-extensive catalogue as the first series adapted from an existing intellectual property. The Android application will initially launch with motion comic content, and will be updated with the remaining series content shortly afterwards in the next few weeks.

To download the latest information and assets, as well as an all-new video vignette showcasing the new Android™ application, please visit:

NARR8 is free to download through Google Play.

For more news on NARR8 please visit the website.
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About NARR8

NARR8 is a digital content channel delivering a wide array of exclusive and original IPs throughout a broad spectrum of creative genres. Headquartered in Moscow, Russia with satellite operations in San Francisco, the company was founded by Alexander Vashchenko, a veteran artist, game developer, and content creator, and funded by IMI.VC, a Moscow-based investment company. NARR8 currently has over 100 employees encompassing key business functions and creative staff throughout ten internally owned and operated studios.

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