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Innovative Designs Inc.

November 10, 2016 14:26 ET

Innovative Designs Substantiates and Verifies Superior Qualities and High R-Value of Insultex House Wrap with Certified and Accredited Laboratory Results; Customer Testimonials Further Confirm Performance in Numerous Ongoing Commercial Uses

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2016) - Innovative Designs Inc. (OTCQB: IVDN) today issues the following information to substantiate and verify that its Insultex® House Wrap possesses the superior insulating qualities and high R-Values as listed on the company websites and other public materials. The company has devoted very significant time, effort and resources to obtaining ISO accredited laboratory testing results, employing the most modern and appropriate testing equipment and procedures, to clearly document the specifications and qualities of the Insultex® House Wrap brand products. These accredited and certified test results will be utilized to counter a complaint filed on November 3rd by The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleging that the advertised specifications for Insultex® House Wrap are not substantiated. The company is confident that the FTC complaint is invalid because it is based on FTC testing with obsolete procedures being performed with the wrong type of equipment to properly evaluate an advanced insulation product like Insultex® House Wrap. The details of the company's test results employing modern procedures performed on the proper equipment are shown below.

Testing Facility: BRC Laboratory, LLC, Jamestown, RI, an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. 

Testing Method: AOAC ASTM guidelines based on ISO 17025, 2015 requirements.

Testing Performed: C-518 Thermal Resistance Modified Method. 

Test Results: Calculated R-Values for Insultex® samples of 3.21 and 6.05 (supplemental tests were also performed within the past 90 days further confirming R-Values within the 3 and 6 range parameters, respectively. All test results have been submitted to the FTC).

In addition to the correct laboratory data substantiating the high R-Value and other superior qualities of Insultex® House Wrap, Innovative Designs management also wishes to point out that the company has been manufacturing and supplying this product for years and has received tremendously positive customer feedback on its field performance. The company has many unsolicited testimonials on record from very satisfied customers in the building and construction industry. These specific testimonial reviews, available to anyone, again verify that the Insultex® House Wrap products do indeed deliver superior energy efficiency and other significant advantages including unmatched thinness, breathability and cost levels. Further, the company notes that neither it, nor the FTC, has ever received a customer complaint regarding the performance of Insultex® House Wrap. The company believes the investigation was initiated at the behest of a competitor. Joseph Riccelli, CEO of Innovative Designs stated, "With the great advancement that Innovative Designs has made to the state of insulation technology through Insultex® House Wrap, and the undisputable scientific evidence that we have compiled on its superior specifications and performance, we will make certain that there is no question left as to the validity of our statements about this unequalled insulation product."

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