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December 23, 2015 09:00 ET

Innovative Detox to Addicts: Survive the Holidays in Style With Our Five-Step Holiday Survival Guide

Avoid Binge Drinking, Flakka and Other "Club Drugs," Prepare for Hangovers, Doctors Warn

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Dec 23, 2015) -  There are ways that even alcoholics and opiate addicts can "survive" the temptations of this holiday season, according to the addiction recovery experts at Innovative Detox, the only comprehensive Ultra-Rapid Detox addiction treatment program in Las Vegas Valley.

"While, at Innovative Detox, we are dedicated to helping people with drinking or drug problems to overcome those problems -- once and for all -- we also recognize that not everyone is ready for that," according to Innovative Detox's CEO, Dr. Lucas Furst. "Not yet, anyway," he explained, "so, in the spirit of the season, we have published five blogs that help people to:

1. Develop personal drug and alcohol Holiday Survival Guides

2. Understand and avoid the added risks of Binge Drinking

3. Deal with the inevitable hangovers that come from too much partying; and

4. Know which "Club Drugs" to avoid like the plague -- especially those potentially-lethal synthetic drugs like Flakka

Nobody who is addicted to alcohol or opiate painkillers is likely to seek treatment before they hit rock-bottom -- but until they're ready to truly overcome their addictions, Innovative Detox wants to help them dramatically reduce the risk of crash-and-burn overindulgence during the holiday season.

"We will be here, ready to help when you need us," Dr. Furst said, addressing those who are addicted to alcohol or opiates, "but until then, we want you to have a safe, sane and enjoyable holiday season."

About Innovative Detox
Las Vegas-based Innovative Detox was created by four medical professionals to offer people addicted to alcohol or prescription painkillers a medically-sound alternative to conventional drug rehab and alcohol addiction programs, which have a 75 percent failure rate, allowing clients to medically overcome their addictions and begin their second chance at life, a life free from addiction.

While there are limited risks to any procedure involving anesthesia, Innovative Detox's patent-pending ID Method -- based around the exclusive Beckett Protocol is medically-safe when administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

For more information, those struggling with addiction should contact Innovative Detox at 702-450-8450, or at To interview Dr. Furst about reducing risks of abuse and overdosing during the holidays.

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