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March 24, 2016 08:59 ET

Innovative Detox: Heroin Addiction Becomes Major Political Issue -- and Major FBI Concern

Ultra-Rapid Detox Offers Solution Not Available From Conventional Drug Addiction Rehab

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Mar 24, 2016) - Heroin addiction -- and heroin deaths -- became a significant political issue in election year primaries across America, and for good reason. Heroin addictions are skyrocketing, according to experts at Las Vegas-based Innovative Detox, an ultra-rapid detox addiction recovery center.

"Even before heroin addiction became an issue on the Presidential campaign trail, the FBI and the DEA released a powerful new video which demonstrates just how easy it is to become addicted to heroin or prescription opiate painkillers," according to Dr. Lucas Furst, CEO at Innovative Detox. "In support of this major FBI effort, we have just published a blog that could just possibly save your life. The blog includes the FBI video, as well as our own video, along with some shocking insights into just how dangerous these addictions can be."

Dr. Furst also noted that Innovative Detox has also published a new blog which puts the politics of heroin addiction into perspective. "We are concerned that politicians -- who are quick to offer answers -- do not realize that conventional drug rehab therapy fails 75 percent of the time. Their answers all seem to point at throwing more public money into conventional rehab programs without looking at their lack of any reasonable level of success.

"At Innovative Detox, we have a different and better answer," he explained. "We treat addiction as a medical problem, and we cure it medically. The addiction is gone in a day, and the former addict is on the road to permanent recovery within a week.

"Before you support any political answers to the heroin addiction problem, check the facts for yourself," Dr. Furst said. "Check out our white paper comparing the two radically different approaches to drug detox, then decide for yourself."

Heroin as a political issue broke in New Hampshire, because, according to CNN, the state's office of the Chief Medical Examiner reported that there were more than 400 heroin deaths in New Hampshire in 2015 -- double the number of heroin deaths in 2014.

However, heroin addiction is not isolated to New Hampshire, or to New England. It is a national crisis, and it has continued to be an issue in state after state as the primaries have moved across the country.

National Institutes of Health heroin death statistics for 2014 approached 10,000 deaths nationwide, suggesting that -- if New Hampshire is typical -- there were 20,000 heroin deaths in 2015. From 2000 through 2014, death rates from opiate painkillers ran at roughly twice the rate of heroin deaths, suggesting that 60,000 Americans died from overdoses of prescription and black-market opiate drugs in 2015.

There was so much public concern over the heroin epidemic that candidates from both parties felt compelled to offer -- or at least promise -- solutions.

"As candidates look to solutions that work," Dr. Furst said, "they should look at the difference between traditional 28-day residential treatment programs and the medically-based ultra-rapid detox treatment.

"Conventional drug rehab depends on an addict's willpower," Dr. Furst explained. "However, addicts are known for two characteristics -- they lie about their addiction, and they have limited willpower. Yet once they survive withdrawal, recovering addicts have to cope with cravings that help define the Alcoholics Anonymous motto: one-day-at-a-time. Heroin addicts discover, after going through conventional rehab, that these cravings do not go away.

"Fortunately, there is an alternative heroin and opiate drug addiction treatment -- ultra-rapid detox. This is an anesthesia-facilitated drug detox treatment that research shows works more than 90 percent of the time," Dr. Furst said. "Instead of forcing 'in-recovery' addicts to call on willpower to help them face down cravings every single day, our ultra-rapid detox approach recognizes that addiction is a disease, and treats it as a disease. Our program is a cure -- it ends addiction, medically -- then provides these now-former addicts with a non-addictive prescription medicine that not only prevents re-addiction but also eliminates physical cravings.

"We treat heroin-addicted patients from around the country," Dr. Furst noted. "Within four hours, while under anesthesia so they don't feel it, heroin and opiate addicts go through withdrawal. Then, within four days, they are past their addiction -- they can return home, free from addiction and well on their way to recovery.

"Heroin addiction -- with its soaring fatality rate -- is a legitimate political issue," Dr. Furst concluded, "but along with other ideas about how to deal with this tidal wave of addiction, those offering solutions to the public should include ultra-rapid detox programs, such as the one offered by Innovative Detox."

About Innovative Detox
Las Vegas-based Innovative Detox was created by four medical professionals to offer people addicted to alcohol or prescription painkillers a medically-sound alternative to conventional drug rehab and alcohol addiction programs, which have a 75 percent failure rate, allowing clients to medically overcome their addictions and begin their second chance at life, a life free from addiction.

While there are limited risks to any procedure involving anesthesia, Innovative Detox's patent-pending ID Method -- based around the exclusive Beckett Protocol -- is medically-safe when administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

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