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Partners in Prevention

February 02, 2010 09:07 ET

Innovative Domestic Violence Treatment for Abusive Relationships Ends Domestic Abuse and Saves Marriages

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - February 2, 2010) - Partners in Prevention observes that people who stay in abusive relationships say that the primary reason they do so is for the children. They either don't want to fight over the children, they fear losing contact with their children, and/or they don't want to leave their kids in the hands of an abusive parent.

If you prefer not to entertain any of these potential consequences of leaving an abusive relationship and choose to stay in your marriage, you might as well find a way to do so happily.

Nonprofit organization Partners in Prevention believes the only way you can be in an abusive relationship and be happy is to end the domestic abuse. Accordingly, we are pleased to introduce an innovative treatment program for couples in abusive relationships.

First and foremost, please note this program is NOT marital therapy. We know, as you may, that marital therapy is not the appropriate treatment modality for domestic violence. In fact, it's counter-indicated because it spreads the responsibility for the dysfunction across the relationship. And doing this is essentially what maintains the abuse dynamic.

The Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program is a finely tuned domestic violence treatment protocol, integrating a psychoeducational intervention promoting change for batterers and a psychotherapeutic intervention facilitating healing for domestic abuse survivors.

The Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program...

--  Gives batterers an opportunity to change their violent abusive behavior
--  Consists of education, support and therapeutic components that address
    the maladaptive use of power and control in relationships
--  Helps abusers develop new skills to facilitate their use of non-violent
    and non-abusive behavioral responses with their intimate partners
--  Provides healing remedies for domestic abuse survivors
--  Gives the victim awareness of what maintains the cycle of abuse and
    offers strategies to interrupt the insidious cycle
--  Helps survivors mend their psychological scars and the emotional pain
    from being battered, while changing the habits of victimization

The entire program is administered by two licensed psychologists who are domestic violence intervention specialists. Couples participating in this therapy work with their respective therapists separately/individually. Each of the 26 sessions is conducted by telephone, making the Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program available worldwide. Insurance reimbursement may be available to those eligible.

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