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Innovative Health Labs, Inc.

June 27, 2017 09:00 ET

Innovative Health Labs, Inc. Develops a Comprehensive Collection of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Nutraceutical Health and Wellness Products

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - Jun 27, 2017) - Finally, the true health benefits from CBD and other holistic essential oils and terpenes are harnessed into an array of wellness products that are designed for optimal performance. Offered in pulmonary inhalation (vaping) and sublingual (drops under the tongue) for the most effective absorption into the body, these patent-pending CBD and nutraceutical products were formulated by expert biochemists and a PhD. The formulas were refined for manufacturing to maintain their optimal efficacy by chemists, formulators, and flavorists in Italy. 

The CBD used in IHL's CBD-based products is grown and extracted in Italy where it is regarded as some of the finest, highest grade and purist CBD in the world. Harvesting takes place under strict guidelines and the CBD, along with all of IHL's CBD and Nutraceutical products are manufactured in partnership with Botex Pharma in ISO9000 Certified facilities under Good Manufacturing Processes ("GMP"). Very few CBD products are manufactured with this type quality CBD, nor are they manufactured under such highly regarded and certified manufacturing facilities and conditions. 

IHL's products designed to provide a certain affect to an individual. For example, there are products designed to offer relaxation or anxiety relief, for assisting in sharpening one's mental focus, to help beat the smoking habit, and to help with sleeplessness to name a few. These products are offered in two different collections. The first is their CBD infused line of products which contains some of the highest dosages of CBD per milliliter on the market, a total of 20 milligrams per milliliter. These high dosages of CBD are formulated together with other essential oils and terpenes which act upon the CB receptors found in the brain and neuro systems in all humans. Together with the CBD, the precise combination of essential oils and terpenes have an "entourage effect" and can provide remarkable therapeutic and wellness results, similar to those that are written about in some of the most highly regarded medical and healthcare journals. Their collection of nutraceutical products are formulated with natural ingredients in combination with essential oils and terpenes as well. These same natural ingredients have been used in Far Eastern medicines and therapies for thousands of years and have been subject to more recent studies regarding their healing powers and effects on the body. These products are also created from precise combinations of these natural and holistic ingredients.

IHL's products are being sold and distributed through a team of sale people and distributors and soon to be on Amazon as well as being available directly from IHL on their Website. As a result, IHL's products are beginning to become available throughout the U.S. in vaping stores, and soon to be available in rehabilitation and wellness centers and health stores. Soon, all formulations will be available in both consumption means as well as newly developed products that will include a sports nutritional and performance kit, dermal beauty creams for anti-aging, and dermal creams for anti-inflammation and pain-relief.

IHL's products are setting the bar high and will truly revolutionize the way that products can be manufactured with CBD, essential oil, and terpenes. To learn more about IHL and all of its products, visit their website at . While there, you can purchase any one the many products now available.

About Innovative Health Labs, Inc.

Innovative Health Labs, Inc. is a privately held s-corporation formed in November, 2015 under the laws of the State of Florida. IHL is a creator, developer, manufacturer, and seller of a unique proprietary line of cannabidiol and nutraceutical products for multiple markets, sold through a business to business network and also to consumers directly on their e-commerce platform on their website. IHL intends to become a publicly traded company within one year. 

About Botex Pharma, SRL

BotexPharma SRL is an Italian Company that operates in the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical markets. Their research is done through collaborations and synergies with various research centers globally. They are also constantly developing new pharmaceutical products to be placed on the market. BotexPharma is focused on the production of original natural extractions from fruits, seeds, leaves and in the creation of natural aroma for food products and for electronic cigarettes. BotexPharma is investing significant resources in R&D in order to offer the best products to its clients. BotexPharma has a top-level management with expertise of market dynamics, customers' needs and strategies for addressing the industry.

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