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Innovative Med Concepts, LLC

May 22, 2012 08:00 ET

Innovative Med Concepts Debuts Revolutionary iPhone® App Designed to Monitor Daily Health Habits and Improve Well-Being

TUSCALOOSA, AL--(Marketwire - May 22, 2012) - Privately held Innovative Med Concepts, LLC today announced the availability of UShapeHealth, a new, user-friendly, mobile health application for the iPhone® intended to help people take better control of their health. UShapeHealth offers a personalized experience with daily suggestions and practical recommendations to help manage and improve one's overall health and general well-being. Based on clinical experience and behavioral insight, this application focuses on shaping a user's behavior by offering a daily wellness score and health regime giving people options for relieving pain, getting better sleep or improving moods.

"The mobile app is especially designed for users suffering from chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia (including persistent muscle pain), chronic fatigue syndrome, GERD, migraines and headaches," said William L. Pridgen, M.D., president of Innovative Med Concepts and the creator of UShapeHealth. "The secret to controlling many chronic painful medical conditions is to commit to maximizing those daily factors that reduce physical and mental stress. The UShapeHealth application was created specifically to aid people suffering from pain or other chronic conditions in identifying those factors on a daily basis."

With chronic pain being one of the most underfunded major health problems in the United States, Dr. Pridgen created the app with the goal to educate patients and help them take a proactive approach to improving their health. In essence, it is a daily guide to wise health decisions tailored specifically to each individual. Its analysis and recommendations should help an individual better understand the factors to improving their well-being and identify those that have contributed to their declining health.

UShapeHealth allows people to use their iPhone to assess and record information about their daily health, monitor how they sleep, eat and take their medications, and how much pain they experience. Based on answers to a series of simple questions, the new mobile health application helps to mold the users' behavior so that they feel better and healthier. The user will be given a "picture" of how healthy or unhealthy they are (or feel) followed by suggestions intended to help them actively improve and reinvigorate their daily health and wellness. The mobile application is also designed to be on-call 24/7 and help users to find answers to their questions on their own schedule without the need to immediately consult a physician.

"The daily suggestions, recommendations and steps presented by UShapeHealth are similar to those used in my medical practice," Dr. Pridgen said. "The hope is that this app helps people take positive steps to healthier living and become more proactive in understanding their health and health issues. With more than 40 percent of all mobile consumers in the U.S. over the age of 18 using Smartphones, UShapeHealth offers a fresh way to engage patients taking charge of their health."

Innovative Med Concepts' UShapeHealth is available now from the iTunes app store for $1.99 for the first 90 days, $4.99 thereafter. An Android version will be available later this year.

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About Innovative Med Concepts, LLC
Innovative Med Concepts is a company committed to advancing our understanding of chronic pain and chronic conditions that plague approximately 150 million Americans. The company is looking for real cures to these very real problems, not bandages to simply cover up these conditions. In addition to this mobile application, Innovative Med Concepts is performing groundbreaking research with a novel therapeutic approach to many chronic ailments. Finally the company is involved with other research projects that may shed light on the likely causes of some of these conditions. Much of the revenue from this mobile application is being used to directly fund some of this ongoing research.

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