Enterra Feed

Enterra Feed

October 15, 2013 11:30 ET

Innovative New Technology Imitates Nature to Cycle Food Nutrients into High Quality, Healthy Food

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Oct. 15, 2013) - Enterra Feed, a Vancouver-based company has developed an innovative new technology that imitates nature to transform nutrient-rich, clean food waste into high-quality, natural protein, oils and fertilizer that help grow healthy animals and plants.

Enterra's innovative, proprietary process was conceived by Brad Marchant and Dr. David Suzuki to improve the sustainability of feed in aquaculture and help address the global challenge of diminishing nutrient supply and increasing population. It also recaptures nutrients that would otherwise be lost through food waste. Thirty percent (30%) of the world's food is sent to landfills or composting facilities, removing its nutrient value from the food cycle.

Enterra collects pre-consumer food waste, primarily fruits and vegetables, from food producers, grocery stores, food distributors and other traceable sources and then converts it through a natural process that imitates nature using insects to yield concentrated nutrient products to grow food: natural protein, oils and fertilizer.

"Our protein and oil can be used in sustainable feed for farmed fish, livestock such as chickens, and for pets," said Brad Marchant, Chief Executive Officer of Enterra. "The process also creates a concentrated natural fertilizer which is added to soil to grow high-quality, healthy vegetables and other plants."

"We are delighted to play a role in the development and success of Enterra's sustainable technology," said Julie Dickson Olmstead, Director of Communications for Overwaitea Food Group, an Enterra customer. "We welcome opportunities to advance our goals of reducing waste and supporting local food creation. It's the right thing for us, the right thing for our customers and the right thing for the planet."

Enterra has successfully operated a research and testing facility in Vancouver and is currently building its first commercial-scale pilot facility in Langley, which is scheduled to open in 2014. Enterra expects to play a role in helping food producers, grocery stores and others comply with Metro Vancouver's ban on disposing food and other organics into its waste stream by 2015. The company plans to expand to other agricultural and food production areas throughout Canada and the U.S.

"What excites me about this technology is not just the animal feed issue, which is a big issue, but that we can recapture the nutrients in food that would otherwise go to waste. We need to learn to use our resources in a way that is more sustainable and this technology imitates nature to do just that," said environmental advocate, Dr. David Suzuki, who is also a co-founder and scientific advisor to Enterra.

Enterra's fertilizer has been approved for sale in Washington state and the company will begin selling to fertilizer producers as soon as the Langley facility is on-stream. Enterra has also filed for Canadian Food Inspection Agency registration for use of its high value protein and oil products in aquaculture and other animal feed.

About Enterra:

Enterra is a privately held, Vancouver based technology firm with its head office currently located at Discovery Parks in Vancouver. Enterra's CEO, Brad Marchant, has successfully founded and built four companies over his 35 year career, most recently including BioteQ Environmental Technologies (TSX:BQE) which applies innovative technologies and operating expertise to help mining companies solve challenging water treatment problems, converting wastewater into a useful resource. Enterra's senior management team has credentials and experience in creating and applying sustainable technologies and related businesses. Its advisors are seasoned business leaders with local and international experience and a wealth of business, scientific, and financial expertise.

For more information, visit www.enterrafeed.com.

To see a video, narrated by Dr. Suzuki, explaining Enterra's technology solution, go to: http://youtu.be/V2zGVXhgI9c

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