August 18, 2009 09:00 ET

Innovative Small Business SEO Firm Sees Success in Social Media

SavvyPRO SEO Adds Facebook Fan Pages, With Great Results

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - August 18, 2009) - By adding social media initiatives such as Facebook Fan Pages to its rigorous website analysis, SavvyPRO SEO has created a unique search engine optimization ("SEO") program that's proving effective and affordable.

SavvyPRO SEO is built around a simple philosophy: "If you want to promote your business online, you can't rely exclusively on traditional SEO," says Sean Rosensteel, founder of SavvyPRO SEO. "You must also incorporate social media marketing and leverage a strategic combination of online marketing outlets."

Rosensteel believes that social media marketing is "the future of advertising" -- and he's practicing what he preaches. He has launched a new initiative through his company's page on Facebook that includes:

--  Free insider updates on Internet trends and their effect on business
--  Interesting information about great new businesses
--  An opportunity to vote on which nonprofit will get a free website
    optimization this fall

"Marketing has changed," says Rosensteel. "It used to be about pushing consumers to act; now it's about pulling them in and engaging them in a more meaningful way." That's one reason SavvyPRO SEO has added Facebook Fan Page creation -- and consulting -- to its social media marketing services.

SavvyPRO SEO starts by creating a Facebook Fan Page for its clients. Then, SavvyPRO advises clients on how to keep fans engaged through regular updates on products and services. Using this technique, they can draw over 500 interested fans in the first month.

Pulling consumers in through social media builds a loyal customer base, but also results in greater visibility online. This creates a synergistic effect, which can quickly snowball into top-10 rankings for the client's website.

Because social media initiatives must be custom-built, SavvyPRO SEO works individually as a consultant to its clients, in a climate of mutual trust. That's why SavvyPRO SEO runs a completely transparent operation. "It's a new way of working," says Rosensteel. "We invite our clients to look 'behind the scenes.' We set up virtual workrooms online so our clients can monitor milestones and due dates, if they wish."

SavvyPRO SEO's "new way of working" is getting great results -- while receiving rave reviews -- see their SEO case studies page for more details.

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