Absolute Surety

August 26, 2013 18:36 ET

Innovative Surety Bonds Agency Absolute Surety Announces New Website And Streamlined Bond Search

Absolute Surety, an agency dedicated to helping individuals find the kind of bond they are looking for, has recently undergone an impressive website redesign. The new design is both creative and intuitive, which makes finding the perfect bond easier than ever

ORLANDO, FLORIDA--(Marketwired - Aug. 26, 2013) - Absolute Surety, a bonds agency dedicated to giving their customers the best deals on surety bonds, has recently completed a redesign of their company website. The new design of AbsoluteSurety.com offers a better user experience: the website has been designed with more creativity and looks more professional, the site has an intuitive layout, and it is easier than ever for the site visitors to find the information they're looking for.

One of the appeals of the new website design is that visitors now have the option to receive a free quote using the free quote box. This is easy to find and incredibly simple to use: customers will simply select the bond type they are interested in from the dropdown menu, enter the bond amount, choose the state they live in from the dropdown menu, and enter their name and contact information. After entering all this simple information, a free quote can be provided in seconds.

In addition to putting this useful quote box on the website's homepage, it is clear that customer experience has been kept in mind regarding the way the box has been redesigned. When selecting both a state of residence and the bond type, all options are listed alphabetically, which makes getting a free quote easier than ever. From appraisal management bonds and bid bonds all the way to talent agency bonds and waste bonds, users will have no trouble getting the information they need.

For individuals who are more familiar with surety bonds, industry news is shared on the website. Articles on topics such as California DMV bonds and Florida lost title bonds were included to help keep experienced users in the loop.

For individuals who are new to the concept of surety bonds, the redesign of AbsoluteSurety.com is particularly helpful. A "Frequently Asked Questions" section has been added. This section aids new customers by clearly explaining what surety bonds are, how to purchase surety bonds, what type of surety bonds are best for which situation, how much surety bonds can cost, and what the turnaround time can be. In addition to this, the website redesign aids individuals who are new to surety bonds by clearly listing which surety bonds are the company's most popular. The most popular bonds, such as state bonds, contract bonds and certain commercial bonds, are all listed and explained in detail.

Absolute Surety's redesign also includes customer testimonials, aiding prospective customers during the decision making process.


Absolute Surety has been helping Americans find the bonds they require for more than 12 years. A family-owned business, Absolute Surety is passionate about bonds, understanding when it comes to customers' needs, and keen to offer the best prices possible. For more information on this business, visit absolutesurety.com.

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