April 10, 2007 11:00 ET

Innovative Traveller's Luggage With Extraordinary Warranty Period

Rimowa Presents Porsche Design TFrame series

KOLN, GERMANY and Stuttgart, GERMANY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 10, 2007 -- Rimowa, manufacturer of traveller's luggage, presents the new Porsche Design TFrame series. Already in October 2005, the Porsche Design Group (Porsche Lizenz- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG) and Rimowa GmbH signed a long-term co-operation contract on the production and distribution of high-quality traveller's luggage under the Porsche Design brand. The brand-new Hardcase Trolley series is outstanding not only in its functional, timeless and puristic design but also in terms of stability, technical innovation and high precision. The collection's four models are highly attractive, with suitcase shells in classic black or bold lapis lazuli blue exerting an attractive appeal. The series will be available from specialist stores and Porsche Design Stores around the globe as of summer 2007.

The aluminium frame made of a high-quality aluminium-magnesium alloy is the particular highlight of the line. This special alloy permits the production of a frame with a minimal wall thickness, reducing the trolley's own weight and offering maximum stability at the same time. Bending over the frame, elegantly shaped polycarbonate shells offer premium quality in terms of both form and function: apart from being extremely lightweight as well as impact and temperature-resistant, this material is also highly flexible, durable and recyclable.

This combination of aluminium frame and polycarbonate shells reduces the travelling weight of the four Porsche Design suitcases to a minimum. This lower weight consequently makes travelling more economical and thus helps to save valuable resources. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) defines volume weight as the unit of measurement for air cargo, i.e. the ratio of weight expressed in grams to the volume of a suitcase. The 'Multiwheel-four-wheel trolley Type 77,' for instance, has a volume weight of only 41 grams, which is an exceptionally good result.

Once packed for the trip, the suitcases run smoothly yet remain stable, the newly designed trolley handle making it easy to negotiate uneven surfaces. The handle can be rotated in 90-degree stages and adjusts to six different heights. A patented multi-wheel system ensures that all 'Multiwheel' trolleys can pivot up to 360 degrees around their own axis without any problems, while an additional fifth comfort wheel ensures the necessary directional stability. All 'Multiwheel' trolleys can be pulled either edgewise or crosswise. What is more, the Porsche Design TFrame series by Rimowa comes with a special quality promise: The warranty period for material and workmanship is ten years.

The model of the series that is easiest to handle is the 'EU Cabin-Trolley Type 56.' It weighs no more than 3.4 kilograms and has a storage capacity of 52 litres. With its two dual rollers cushioned in a ball bearing, it complies with the on-board luggage Directive of the European Union and is the ideal companion for quick overnight business trips.

The 'Multiwheel-four-wheel trolley Type 63' is the weekender's choice. Its 96 litres of storage capacity notwithstanding, it weighs only 5.4 kilograms and is equipped with four-wheel dual rollers in a ball bearing, just like its two bigger brothers of the 'Multiwheel' family.

The 'Multiwheel-four-wheel trolley Type 70' with its storage capacity and weight of 111 litres and 5.7 kilograms, respectively, is ideally suited for a one-week trip.

The 'Multiwheel-four-wheel trolley Type 77' with its 152 litres of storage capacity and only 6.4 kilograms of weight suggests itself for longer trips with more luggage to pack.

The properties shared by all suitcases are their remarkably light weight, high stability and enhanced security feature: The aluminium centre frame features combination locks with a lock cylinder. American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff can open the cylinder for inspection purposes with a master key exclusively available to them without damaging either lock or suitcase, which greatly facilitates US immigration procedures.

Porsche Design is one of the leading luxury brands in the segment of upmarket men's accessories. Ever since Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche established the Porsche Design brand in 1972, his products have been synonymous with functional, classic and puristic design, at the same time convincing through their technical innovations. Around the world, Porsche Design products are exclusively available from Porsche Design and franchise stores, shop-in-shops, upmarket department stores and from authorised dealers.

Rimowa is among Europe's leading manufacturers of traveller's luggage. The company evolved from the traveller's suitcase manufacture called 'Kofferfabrik Paul Morszeck,' which was founded in Cologne in 1898. Richard Morszeck, the company founder's son, launched the first aluminium suitcase in 1937. In 1950, the company sold the first suitcase made of aircraft-type aluminium with the typical grooves that have been its hallmark ever since. In 2000, the firm -- now headed by third-generation family member Dieter Morszeck -- presented the world's first traveller's suitcases made from polycarbonate next to the tried and trusted aluminium suitcases. Rimowa is the only manufacturer of traveller's luggage still producing in Germany. The Porsche Design suitcases, too, are 'Made in Germany.'

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