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Innovotech Inc.

July 12, 2011 08:00 ET

Innovotech Announces Distribution Agreement for InnovoSCEPT Veterinary Biofilm Tests

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - July 12, 2011) - Innovotech Inc. (TSX VENTURE:IOT), a pioneer in the field of biofilm product development, today announced that Spectrum Labs Inc, specialists in veterinary allergy testing in the United States and over 40 countries worldwide, has been granted exclusive worldwide rights to market Innovotech's InnovoSCEPT veterinary biofilm tests as part of its testing service. An initial order has already been placed, launching the veterinary testing service in the Japanese market earlier this month. The new service will be presented to Spectrum's North American and global customers at the Central Veterinary Conference in Kansas City, August 24-30, 2011.

Many common infections in animals, such as mastitis in dairy cows and ear, dental or persistent skin infections in family pets, exist as organized colonies of bacteria, or biofilms. Biofilms can be up to 1000 times more resistant to treatment than the same organism in a free-floating state. The InnovoSCEPT line of biofilm susceptibility tests will help veterinarians choose the most effective antibiotic treatment for such infections in animals.

"We are excited to expand our current business through the InnovoSCEPT line of veterinary tests into animal biofilm susceptibility testing, for which there are currently no products," said Mervyn Levin, CEO of Spectrum Labs. "Judging from the initial response, we expect to be performing several thousand of these assays every month. Not only will we be offering a further solution to dermatology, or allergy related problems associated with recurrent infections, but also solving an ongoing problem with warding off all chronic bacterial infections. We are looking forward to offering this to our existing clients in conjunction with our all new SPOT Platinum test but also to new markets outside of skin related conditions, in both the large and small animal arenas."

"Innovotech is delighted to have joined forces with Spectrum Labs, whose expertise and leadership in the veterinary diagnostic arena will be invaluable in achieving the full commercial potential of the InnovoSCEPT veterinary biofilm tests," said Ken Boutilier, President and CEO of Innovotech. "The decision to expand our product line to include veterinary biofilm tests, and our agreement with Spectrum, opens up a new market opportunity for Innovotech which we expect to translate into increased revenue in the near term."

About Spectrum Labs Inc.

Allergy testing and treatment specialists, dedicated to veterinarians and their patients in 46 countries. Spectrum Labs has spent the last twenty plus years researching, developing, compiling, questioning and testing the traditional and emerging alike to uncover the best and most reliable tools and methodologies. Please visit for more information on the company as well as its services and to get a preview of what is to come with both the becASSAY for biofilms and the all new SPOT Platinum test. The core focus of the company has always been and will remain quality results and superlative customer service.

About Innovotech Inc.

Innovotech Inc. is a pioneer in the field of biofilm product development, focused on providing innovative and practical solutions to medical, agricultural and industrial problems caused by microbial biofilms. Biofilms are organized communities of microorganisms that exist in virtually every natural environment and are responsible for a host of diseases in human health, animal health and agriculture. There are few products or regulatory standards, aside from those of Innovotech, designed specifically for biofilm-forming organisms.

Innovotech has a broad range of products that address the issue of biofilms within a number of different industries, including commercially available products in three market segments; the MBEC Assay™, bioFILM PA™ and InnovoSCEPT veterinary kits. The MBEC Assay™ is a high throughput biofilm growth device that was recently approved as an ASTM International standard. bioFILM PA™ is the first diagnostic kit to assist physicians in the selection of the most effective combination antibiotic treatment of patients with biofilm-based chronic lung infections, while the InnovoSCEPT veterinary kits are designed to determine the most effective antibiotic treatment for infections in both large and small animals.

Innovotech also has two products in advanced stages of development; Agress® is a unique, environmentally friendly seed treatment and plant spray designed to protect crops against both bacterial and fungal infections and Sani-Lux™ is a light-activated, natural hard surface sanitizer.

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