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October 27, 2009 08:30 ET

Innowireless Integrates Azimuth Systems ACE™ MX MIMO Channel Emulator Into Wave 2 Mobile WiMAX Pre-RCT Test System

Wireless Telecommunications Test and Measurement Provider Utilizes ACE™ MX Channel Emulator to Provide Advanced Fading Simulation for AWT-500AP Test System

ACTON, MA--(Marketwire - October 27, 2009) - Azimuth Systems, Inc., a leading provider of wireless broadband test equipment and channel emulators for LTE, WiMAX, 2G/3G cellular and Wi-Fi technologies, today announced that Innowireless integrated the Azimuth ACE MX MIMO channel emulator into its new AWT-500AP test system designed for comprehensive Wave 2 Mobile WiMAX pre-certification testing. The addition of the ACE MX to the AWT-500AP test system enables the execution of numerous WiMAX Forum-specified radio conformance tests where fading, Doppler and AWGN effects are required.

The Innowireless AWT-500AP is a pre-RCT system for Wave 2-ready Mobile WiMAX subscriber stations. The AWT-500AP provides automated RF and physical layer tests to enable design validation prior to conformance testing at a certification lab, reducing the expense, time and complexity of certification testing. In addition, the AWT-500AP can be used for R&D testing, development support, integration testing and more with the ACE MX greatly expanding the breadth of the test coverage by adding real-time fading conditions.

"We chose to incorporate Azimuth's ACE MX channel emulator into our new pre-RCT Mobile WiMAX test solution because of its superior RF performance, scalability, configuration flexibility and ease of automation," said JaeHo Ryoo Ph.D, CMO and senior vice president at Innowireless. "We're confident that the AWT-500AP test solution will provide our customers with a reliable, automated testing solution to significantly reduce the costs and time associated with the Wave 2 Mobile WiMAX certification testing process, ultimately ensuring rapid delivery of higher quality products to market."

The ACE MX is a universal frequency, fully bi-directional channel emulator supporting SISO up to 4x4 MIMO systems and numerous features that allow users to recreate a variety of fading scenarios for accurate performance and interoperability testing. Supporting all industry-standard bands and channel models for WiMAX, LTE, 2G/3G cellular and Wi-Fi, the ACE MX is renowned for its superior ease-of-use and a host of enhanced features that offer flexibility of test for many different point-to-point and point-to-multipoint test cases.

"Azimuth has focused an intensive R&D effort over the past few years to create channel emulation systems that provide the most accurate methods for testing the performance of MIMO-based systems under real-world conditions, resulting in tremendous benefits to the product development efforts of our users," said Pete Paglia, vice president of sales and business development at Azimuth Systems. "We believe the ACE MX will be a valuable addition to the Innowireless AWT-500AP test solution as it enables the entire spectrum of channel emulation capabilities required to test the latest generation of wireless, carrier-grade Mobile WiMAX solutions."

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