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September 03, 2013 09:29 ET

InoLife Technologies Provides Corporate Outlook and Technology Focus for 2013

RALEIGH, NC--(Marketwired - Sep 3, 2013) -  InoLife Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: INOL), a diversified service based healthcare and environmental product developer and marketer is pleased to inform our shareholders and potential investors the Company's focus as well potential opportunities for 2013 and looking forward into the next few years. Management has spent the last year diligently seeking opportunities that would tie into the Company's proprietary patented compounds as well as genetic test platforms to develop unique marketable products.

InoLife will be focusing primarily in three areas that leverage the Company's strong relationships with certified laboratories for all natural organic compounds and DNA based predisposition test platforms. InoLife will also continue its efforts to market already existing Eco-Solutions environmental friendly products with biodegradable formulations. The three areas will be:

1) Skincare Division that will develop and market a complete line of all natural skincare products for men and women with Proprietary Anti-Aging beneficial properties.
2) Eco-Solutions Division that will market fully developed environmental friendly products with distribution through Supermarkets, Pharmacy, Hardware and Automotive channels.
3) Healthcare Division that will encompass InoLife's Genetic Test Platforms and DNA predisposition products for certain diseases for the professional medical industry.

InoLife's Skincare Division, through the Company's acquisition of Stemtide, Inc. announced in July 2011, will utilize a patented compound to formulate a unique cream with Anti-Aging properties for both men and women. In addition, there will also be multiple other products the Company plans to develop over the next 12 months that will include all natural sunscreens; facial moisturizers and scrubs; and effective all natural formulations for the treatment of acne.

InoLife's Eco-Solutions Division has embarked on completing a Private Label program for the GREEN DOLPHIN eco-solutions product portfolio. The program offers customers in the supermarket, pharmacy, hardware, and automotive market sectors a line of signature products identifying their image, logo, packaging, and marketing to power brand for volume sales. For retailers this program provides an opportunity to expand the product offering without incurring the costs associated with Research & Development, maintain competitive edge, increase brand equity, and customer loyalty. Gary Berthold, President and CEO stated "the GREEN DOLPHIN private label program offers INOL a marketing strategy to accelerate retail market presence and achieve sales growth."

Inolife's Healthcare Division has developed a wide variety of genetic test platforms that provide meaningful information about genetic makeup, predispositions to certain diseases and ancestral information. Some of the platforms provide genetic biomarkers that address several pervasive healthcare needs. Test kit results can lead to lower total healthcare expenditures through early detection and management of health issues including obesity, cancers, diabetes, cardiac issues and general fitness.

Inolife is developing its sales force to market the DNA test kits in the USA and will be embarking on an International strategy to establish Agents in select countries.

A UNITED HEALTH study (March, 2012) indicates the US market for genetic and molecular tests is expected to grow to $15 billion by 2020. The Worldwide market for genetic diagnostic testing is likely to grow at a similar rate as in the US.

The Skincare and Eco-Solution division maintains InoLife's philosophy to provide quality all natural Eco-friendly products with proven market demand. The Company's Healthcare Division utilizes InoLife's proprietary core technologies to market genetic and DNA testing platforms for the ever increasing demand in the medical field for pre-disposition of the most prevalent diseases that exist today. 

InoLife is committed to our shareholders to increase the fundamental value of the Company's stock. The key to the success of each of these divisions is investment and key personnel. Management is currently in discussions with interested investment groups to help fund the Company's development and marketing initiatives. InoLife is already in the process of bringing on board the right management talent to make this all happen. The Company would like to thank its shareholders for their patience and continual support.

About InoLife Technologies, Inc.

InoLife Technologies, Inc. is organized to develop and market DNA Testing products within the US. The Company's mission is to aggressively identify, manufacture and market innovative and affordable healthcare products and services directly to the marketplace. By targeting cutting-edge DNA-based testing and reporting methodologies, the company is able to significantly benefit the health and wellness needs of both individuals and their healthcare providers.

InoLife Technologies, Inc. markets the commercial use of proprietary Intellectual Property by manufacturing, brand marketing and selling an integrated program of age reversing creams and lotions. These products will be sold directly to consumers through e-commerce, direct sales, pharmacies, retailers, distributors and healthcare providers. It also offers products that are sold only to physicians, hospitals, outpatient facilities and others in the medical community for use with their patients.

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