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October 20, 2008 16:05 ET

Inphonite ReminderPro Automated Messaging System Increases Productivity & Kept Appointments for Small-Medium Businesses

New Version Also Supports PIKA Technologies Telephony Cards

TUCSON, AZ--(Marketwire - October 20, 2008) - Inphonite, LLC today announced a new version of its ReminderPro 2008 automated messaging system designed for small to medium-sized medical and dental practices as well as other businesses where customer appointments are scheduled. ReminderPro delivers appointment reminder messages via telephone and email to patients and customers, thus helping improve office staff productivity, raising kept appointment rates, and maintaining friendly customer relations. The new version includes support for Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and Microsoft Windows Vista, as well as for new analog and digital telephony cards from PIKA Technologies for increased configuration flexibility, performance, and scalability. ReminderPro integrates with over 400 scheduling and practice management software systems for the medical and dental industry.

"ReminderPro has increased our office productivity by automating appointment reminder phone calls and messages to our patients, where previously our staff had to make the calls personally," said Brian Fink, MIS manager for the Zepf Mental Health Center in Toledo, Ohio. "The system integrates seamlessly with our practice management software and the new VoIP capability gives us the ability to increase our outbound calling capacity without additional hardware investment."

"The ReminderPro software works great with our telephony cards and can provide small and medium-sized offices with a flexible, low-cost solution for automated messaging," said Brett Sumpter, Regional Account Manager, PIKA Technologies. "Additionally, our VoIP enabling technology is used with ReminderPro to provide offices with even greater flexibility, scalability and potential cost savings."

"Inphonite listens to its customers and makes continual improvements to ReminderPro based on their feedback, priorities, and the evolving technological advancements in the industry," said Michael Harris, president of Inphonite, LLC. "Our goal is to provide cost effective, feature rich automated messaging solutions that are extremely easy to use and maintain."

ReminderPro Automated Phone Messaging System -- Overview

ReminderPro is the solution of choice to over one thousand healthcare organizations, businesses, educational institutions and government agencies. The ReminderPro automated messaging system is available as a single-line, dual-line, or multi-line system capable of handling multiple and simultaneous outgoing messages. The system supports automated reminder phone calls and emails, and allows the recipient to confirm calls, replay messages, leave messages, or transfer to a live person during office hours. ReminderPro can be configured to work via VoIP, which requires no telephony hardware, as well as with telephony cards from PIKA Technologies and Dialogic.

ReminderPro 2008 DX - Feature Highlights

Powerful Message Maker: Allows customized data-driven messages that can include additional information such as directions to your office, new products or services offered, special instructions, or any important information you wish to include.

Compatibility & Seamless Integration: Compatible with virtually all practice management, scheduling, database, and electronic medical records (EMR) software.

Data Import: Safely transfers data into ReminderPro from scheduling or management software.

Advanced System Security: Ability to restrict or limit access to ReminderPro helps prevent unauthorized setup changes and assists with maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Call Results Reports: Can be directed to printer, fax, file or email automatically following a call session and are archived and retrievable by date range, for later analysis and reporting.

Customizable Touch Tone Response Options: Allows users and administrators to assign different touch-tone response options for each message, create message trees, and conduct telephone surveys automatically.

About PIKA Technologies

PIKA Technologies for over 20 years has been providing developers with the tools they need to build advanced voice and fax applications like IP PBX, fax broadcast and self-service IVR. As the technology landscape has changed, so too has PIKA, building out its product offering so its customers can choose the right tool set for their applications. Whether building applications using board-based media processing or using host-based solutions, application developers of all kinds turn to PIKA for their development tools.

In addition to its traditional line of hardware and software solutions, PIKA now offers a family of appliances that provide top-quality performance out of the box. PIKA sells these products directly and also makes them available through its growing network of resellers and distributors. Known for its exceptional customer service, PIKA’s customers can expect the same high level of personalized, fast and free support that the company has always delivered. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the company has ranked in The Branham 300, an authoritative ranking of successful Canadian high tech firms, for six consecutive years. Visit or call +1-613-591-1555 for more information.

About Inphonite, LLC

Inphonite, LLC (formerly JulySoft) develops and markets professional, automated phone messaging systems and interactive computer telephony products that improve the profitability and productivity of a wide range of organizations. Inphonite, LLC has nearly twenty years experience in PC-based telephone communication solutions, and seamless integration to more than 400 software systems, Inphonite is the solution provider of choice for over one thousand healthcare organizations, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies. For more information on Inphonite, LLC, and products, visit the company Web site: or call: (800) 350-7693 (U.S. & Canada) and (520) 797-1844 outside of the U.S., or email to:

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