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Insception Biosciences

May 23, 2012 13:00 ET

Insception Biosciences Inc. Proudly Announces FACT Accreditation

Insception Cord Blood Program has Demonstrated Compliance to the Rigorous Gold Standard of Quality, Performance and Integrity Defined by Group of Leading Experts in the Field of Cord Blood Banking

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 23, 2012) - Insception Cord Blood Program is proud to announce the achievement of FACT accreditation by demonstrating compliance with the NETCORD-FACT International Standards for Cord Blood Collection, Processing, Testing, Banking, Selection and Release.

"Our commitment to the highest quality standards is demonstrated by achieving the voluntary FACT accreditation" states Richard Lockie, CEO Insception Biosciences. "This assures our clients and their health care providers that we exceed standards in both quality and technical practices."

This accreditation will further distinguish Insception in the area of family cord blood banking in Canada.

About FACT

In December 1994, the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) and the American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (ASBMT) merged their Standards into a single document covering all aspects of hematopoietic cell therapy (collection, processing, and transplantation). The two societies established FACT in order to develop a voluntary Inspection and Accreditation Program based on the joint Standards. FACT promotes quality medical and laboratory practice of cellular therapy through its peer-developed standards and voluntary inspection and accreditation program.

In 2000, recognizing the global impact of cord blood banking and transplantation, FACT partnered with NetCord to develop international standards for cord blood collection, processing, testing, banking, selection and release.

The NetCord foundation is an international network of non-profit public cord blood banks created to promote the establishment of high quality cord blood banks and improve the quality of cord blood products through study and research. The FACT Inspection and Accreditation Program was developed by Dr. Phyllis Warkentin, FACT Medical Director, the FACT Directors and Officers, as well as the ISCT and ASBMT Regulatory and Standards Committees. The first edition of the NetCord-FACT Standards was published in 2000.

About Insception

Established in 1996, our Founders at Mount Sinai Hospital formed one of Canada's first cord blood banks: the Toronto Cord Blood Program. In 2004, after many successes operating within Mount Sinai Hospital, the Toronto Cord Blood Program chose to expand by partnering with Insception to raise their cord blood offering to a new and higher level of excellence, all aimed at expanding the potential uses for cord blood samples in the treatment of diseases.

Today, Insception has released 21 family-banked cord blood units for medical treatments ranging from life-saving transplants for siblings with Leukemia, to life-changing treatments for Type I Diabetes and Cerebral Palsy.

Insception is the largest family cord blood program in Canada, with over 38,000 cord blood units banked. By continuing to partner with leading Canadian medical facilities such as The Mount Sinai and Scarborough Hospitals, the Insception Cord Blood Program is proud to provide families with the opportunity to collect and store their baby's valuable cord blood.

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