May 28, 2014 10:30 ET Unveils NeuralSight™ Predictive Scoring Solution

New Lead and Prospect Scoring Platform Powered by Neuralytics™ Accelerates Sales Through Important Real-Time Insights for Both Inbound Leads and Prospecting

SILICON SLOPES, UT--(Marketwired - May 28, 2014) -, the leading cloud-based sales acceleration technology company, today introduced NeuralSight™, a new predictive scoring solution for sales teams. Built on's patented Neuralytics predictive analytics and machine learning engine, NeuralSight breaks new ground in accelerating sales by prioritizing the leads, contacts and prospects based on probability to purchase. NeuralSight is available immediately.

"NeuralSight breaks new ground in three specific areas: support for company-specific models, comprehensive 'everything knowable' data sets, and a machine learning engine," said Dave Elkington, CEO and founder. "The result is a solution developed specifically for sales organizations that helps reps focus on the right leads and prospects at the right time to successfully engage more decision makers to close more business."

Unlike static scoring tools, NeuralSight supports the creation of company-specific predictive scoring tailored to each customer's specific business. NeuralSight customers can identify the key factors that influence their respective business results, based on any user-specified fields -- even custom fields -- in the customer's CRM environment. These company-specific data sets are combined with big data sets collected across entire industries as well as key macroeconomic and environmental data to create a unique, best-of-breed predictive scoring model for each specific business.

NeuralSight is powered by's patented Neuralytics predicitive analytics and machine learning engine. This engine accelerates sales by helping your reps work smarter and more effectively. And the engine gets smarter all the time by automatically recalibrating these predictive algorithms with both past results and new data.

NeuralSight is an Everything Knowable(SM) scoring solution that captures and assesses customer signals about buying behaviors and readiness across five different data sets: demographic, firmographic, geographic, histographic, and psychographic. NeuralSight uses over 400 data points across these five categories to determine a lead's or prospect's buying signals and drive each lead score.

Built specifically for sales teams, NeuralSight can be effectively used to predictively score both inbound leads from marketing and contacts and prospects identified through cold calling, social selling and other prospecting methods. NeuralSight leverages a company's own data and seamlessly presents insights in the environment.

NeuralScore™, the lead scoring feature of NeuralSight, searches through lists of leads and determines which are the most promising, algorithmically scoring each lead based on likelihood to answer, qualify, and close with your business. With continual use, NeuralScore dynamically adapts to specific customer profiles and updates dynamically, continuously providing updated recommendations.

NeuralSight also features a set of Trust Reports™ that reveal the detailed inner workings of Neuralytics for each business. Users can determine the number of calls required to reach high-scoring leads, how much revenue to expect from each score range, and what specific makeup of customer is best served by the business.

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