March 05, 2008 11:00 ET Unveils ResponseVoice™, the Next Generation in Phone Integrated Web Analytics, Enabling Web Site Toll Free Response Tracking, the Leader in Lead Response Management, Announces the Release of New Technology That Ties Inbound Calls From a Web Site to User Behavior Within Web Analytic Tracking Solutions

PROVO, UT--(Marketwire - March 5, 2008) -, the leader in Lead Response Management, today announced the release of ResponseVoice, a technology enabling analysis of Web-driven phone calls, by linking calls to Web visitor analytics. ResponseVoice, another product within in the suite, gives marketers visibility and optimization capabilities around Web site visitors that call a company's toll free number displayed on their Web site.

ResponseVoice helps address a Web site lead capture method generally overlooked by Web marketers. It extends's response capacities, and offers more tools to marketers to drive more leads and increase lead qualification rates.

"Savvy Web marketers invest heavily in Web analytics solutions to help them track the trail of visitors on their Web site, measuring and tweaking to improve the reactions to specific initiatives as they guide the behavior they desire," explained Jeff Adcock, Vice President of Strategic Alliance Sales for "But the trail disappears the moment a visitor chooses to pick up a phone and dials the phone number listed on the site. ResponseVoice fills this gap in visibility and has an immediate impact on lead conversion."

ResponseVoice is available with two different modules:

1) ResponseVoice Analytics: is integrated with a company's Web site
   analytics tracking solution.  Every phone call driven from a company's
   Web site is    tracked as a success event within that analytics
   solution. Behavior tracking and optimization can be preformed to
   optimize more and better phone calls driving more leads and sales.

2) ResponseVoice Capture: is integrated with a company's CRM.  As
   Web site visitors call into a toll free number, ResponseVoice Capture
   adds or updates the lead's information in the CRM, adding enriched
   contact info using reverse lookup data, adding lead Web site visit data,
   and delivers all information to the sales rep when they receive the

"The release of ResponseVoice is significant in that it bridges the gap between online Web analytics and offline call response," said David Elkington, CEO of "It effectively opens up the world of offline response to the power of the Internet. We are thrilled to offer this product and all its benefits to our customers and partners."

About was the first online lead management CRM with built-in power dialer technology. It provides demand generation solutions with embedded dialers. Their patent-pending lead response management solution gained prominence with the recent research from MIT on the impact of immediate response to leads. These tools include an award-winning immediate response Web form callback (ResponseSwami), autodialers, power dialers, inbound call routing systems, voice broadcasting, and lead nurturing solutions. For more information visit

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