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March 04, 2008 07:00 ET Launches Public Beta of Next Generation Online Travel Shopping Site

First Online Resource to Provide Revolutionary "TripQuality"(SM) Rating for Every Flight Searched

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - March 4, 2008) - InsideTrip announced today the Public Beta launch of, the first and only online travel shopping site to offer not only the best prices, but also the ability to search by "TripQuality"(SM) rating, helping consumers make the smartest travel purchase decision possible. InsideTrip's patent pending shopping technology is the first to address today's travel pain points such as cramped leg room, unpredictable security wait times, lost luggage, crowded planes, and much more, allowing consumers to regain control of their travel experience.

"The future of online travel search is making the overall "TripQuality" rating transparent to the traveler; matching the shopping process with the realities of today's often painful travel experience," said Dave Pelter, founder and CEO of InsideTrip, Inc. "Travelers have been asking for a resource that helps them weed through the hundreds of airfare listings and InsideTrip visually shows that each trip is different and helps consumers quickly determine the perfect trip by directly searching the features most important to them. The fact is, real product differences exist -- with the best flight options offering more leg room, on-time schedules, new planes and other amenities that simply offer a better experience."

How Works helps put the consumer in control of their travel experience through the innovative search by "TripQuality" rating and easy-to-read visual itinerary bar.

TripQuality Rating

With each flight search, instantly provides a "TripQuality" rating that takes into account relevant travel needs such as:

--  Leg room: InsideTrip knows the seat leg room information of the
    aircraft for a specific airline you are considering on an itinerary
--  Security wait time: InsideTrip provides information on the traveler's
    potential security check time through sophisticated analysis of TSA airport
    data such as location of travel, time of day, day of week, airline, and
--  Aircraft age: InsideTrip knows the average age of the aircraft for a
    specific airline you are considering on an itinerary
--  On-time performance: InsideTrip taps into the past 62 days of
    historical trends
--  Connection time: InsideTrip helps alert travelers to the length of
    potentially short or long layovers
--  Number of stops: InsideTrip knows consumers prefer non-stop and one-
    stop flights and rates trips accordingly
--  Flight duration: InsideTrip dynamically compares airline flight
    schedules across the industry to score the elapsed time of an itinerary
--  Routing quality: InsideTrip determines the degree to which an
    itinerary routing is out-of-the way
--  Lost luggage track record: InsideTrip knows how often a specific
    airline tends to lose luggage (based on the Department of Transportation
    historical trends)
--  Airport gate location: InsideTrip has analyzed hundreds of airports to
    alert you to a bus or train ride for your departing or connecting gate
--  Historical airplane passenger loads: InsideTrip knows how full your
    flight may be based on market data from the previous year during the same
    month and equivalent travel periods
--  Aircraft type: InsideTrip knows that travelers generally prefer larger
    jets and rates itineraries accordingly

The "TripQuality" rating can be recalculated instantly when a shopper selects the comfort features that are specifically important to them.

In addition, if a specific flight itinerary is within 5% of the lowest price and holds a "TripQuality" score of over 85, a "QualityPick" icon will flag the itinerary as being a value-packed deal for the shopper.

Breakthrough Visual Itinerary Bar

An easy-to-read visual itinerary bar displays the length of layovers and total travel time allowing travelers to:

--  Quickly decide if the trip is right for them and/or family
--  Determine the value of the price based on duration and convenience of

To create its proprietary algorithms for the "TripQuality" rating, InsideTrip aggregates large amounts of data instantaneously from numerous public and proprietary sources to accommodate virtually any consumer search for airfare. With new and better information, online travel shoppers are able to save time, avoid travel aggravations and make the smartest purchase decision possible. The new technology and concept is currently patent pending.

Dependable and Simple Airfare Search understands that what most consumers want today is an easy to navigate, dependable airfare shopping experience that allows them to find the best prices. Some travel search sites focus on price comparison across supplier sites, but InsideTrip believes that with general price parity across the market, what's truly significant are the tools that make the airfare shopping experience easy, relevant and personal for each shopper, in addition to having the best prices. currently partners with for its airfare search based on its top quality, best prices and dependable customer care offerings. aims to offer online travel shoppers the lowest airfare while helping them regain control of their travel experience through a truly unique search experience with personalized comfort rating score and easy to read visual itinerary bar. Beta Limitations

InsideTrip pays attention to Beta users' feedback and will work to quickly make improvements to the site. While we scale from beta to full launch by end of 2008, users could experience infrequent site outages, occasional server busy errors, and slow search times, among other issues. In addition, InsideTrip has been designed and tested for optimal experience using today's best available browser technologies. So for now, the site is accessible via Firefox 2.0 and higher and Internet Explorer 7. The InsideTrip team will work hard to enhance the speed and reliability of the experience, and we appreciate your patience.

About InsideTrip, Inc. is the first online travel shopping site to offer consumers a "TripQuality" rating and visual itinerary bar to help them make the smartest travel purchase decision possible. Online travel shoppers can now save time and avoid travel aggravations, while finding the perfect trip that accommodates their own personal travel needs. Not all flights or airlines are the same, and InsideTrip helps consumers quickly and easily uncover the best travel experience. provides a true insider's view on how to buy travel and a dependable, consistent airfare search experience with excellent customer care support. The beta website is currently available to all U.S. and most countries world-wide. The company is located in Seattle, Washington, and is privately funded. InsideTrip selected FuseIQ, a Seattle based web design company, to help build the core technology that powers InsideTrip. To search for the best trip using "TripQuality" rating and visual itinerary bar or to learn more, visit

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