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May 14, 2008 11:50 ET

Insight Into Media Consumption by Race Increases Advertising ROI

Understanding Usage Is a Necessary Building Block for Effective Media Plans

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - May 14, 2008) - Targeting advertising towards African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Whites requires distinct media plans according to BIGresearch's ( most recent Simultaneous Media Survey (SIMM 11, Dec. 07) of 15,727 participants. Not only do these consumer groups use traditional media differently, their adoption of new media is also quite unique.

When it comes to traditional media, types of TV shows watched as well as radio formats listened to most often differ by consumer group. Although movies are the most watched type of TV show among all categories, African Americans (66%) and Hispanics (63.6%) are more likely to regularly watch them than Asians (52.5%) and Whites (51.4%). Dramas and police/detective shows round out the top three for types of shows watched most often except for Asians; they would rather catch a sporting event or a cartoon.

There are more differences for radio formats listened to most often.

Top 3 Radio Formats

                  African American/                  White/
Hispanics         Blacks             Asians          Caucasians
Rock              R&B                Rock            Rock
Latin/Hispanic    Hip-Hop            Top 40/Pop      Oldies
Hip-Hop           Religious          News            Country

Source: BIGresearch SIMM 11

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Although cell phones are the form of new media used most for all segments, with 57% of Hispanics, 53% of African Americans, 53.9% of Asians and 49.4% of Whites regularly using, the similarities stop there.

According to the analysis, minorities have a higher regular usage of new media than Whites across all media types. They are more likely to use iPods, text on cell phones, play video games, use video/picture phones, instant messaging online and watch videos on cell phones.

Top 3 New Media (Regular Usage)

                  African American/                      White/
Hispanics         Blacks             Asians              Caucasians
Cell Phone        Cell Phone         Cell Phone          Cell Phone
IPOD/MP3 Player   Text Messaging     Instant Messaging   Tivo/Replay TV/DVR
Text Messaging    Video Gaming       IPOD/MP3 Player     Video Gaming

Source: BIGresearch SIMM 11

"Understanding how media consumption behaviors differ by race is fundamental for marketers wishing to increase ROI for advertising," said Gary Drenik, President of BIGresearch. "Minorities are using new media in higher percentages, providing marketers with unique opportunities to create specific marketing plans that integrate non-traditional media options into their digital ad strategy."

Differences among the various ethnic groups are apparent in how they use the Internet for fun and entertainment. Shopping tops the list for African Americans (40%), Asians (43.7%) and Whites (43.1%); whereas Hispanics would slightly rather check out movie news (42.7%).

Top 3 Online Activities for Fun & Entertainment

                  African American/                  White/
Hispanics         Blacks             Asians          Caucasians
Movie News        Shopping           Shopping        Shopping
Shopping          Movie News         Movie News      Weather
Video Games       TV News            IM/Chat         View Photos

Source: BIGresearch SIMM 11

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