SOURCE: The Autism Treatment Center of America

December 17, 2007 14:30 ET

Insightful Article by International Autism Expert Raun K. Kaufman Outlines Seven Holiday Do's and Don'ts for Helping Children on Autism Spectrum

SHEFFIELD, MA--(Marketwire - December 17, 2007) - The holidays can be especially stressful for families with children on the autism spectrum. International Autism authority Raun K. Kaufman, CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America™, has written an insightful article, "Your Child With Autism: 7 Tips for Navigating the Holidays" to give parents advice on how to help children with autism.

Mr. Kaufman was diagnosed as severely autistic as a young child. He was fully cured with no trace of his former condition through the Autism Treatment Center of America's unique Son-Rise Program® which his parents developed. The unique Son-Rise Program:

--  Was created by parents for parents
--  Helps parents cure their children in some cases and bring about
    significant improvement in almost all cases
--  Has worked for 25,000 families from 75 countries with a radical
    departure from traditional behavior modification for autism
--  Takes a situation that can be divisive and uses it to unite families

Children on the autism spectrum experience the holidays in a very different way. "Your Child With Autism: 7 Tips for Navigating the Holidays" enables parents to help:

1. Let your child cope
2. Celebrate your child
3. Explain in advance
4. Give your family the heads-up
5. Designate a "Mellow Room"
6. Mimic an outing without leaving your home
7. Take the holiday spirit home

How to Avoid 7 Common Mistakes

Mr. Kaufman's article also helps parents prevent missteps including:

1. Stopping your child from "stimming"
2. Focusing on stopping challenging behaviors
3. Surprising your child
4. Expecting your family to "get it"
5. Leaving no way out
6. Directing your activities outside your home
7. See the wrapping instead of the gift

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