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December 03, 2015 13:51 ET

InsightsNow and Catalina Conduct Research on Smartphone Shopping Apps

Shoppers' Desire for Seamless Integration Not Being Met

CORVALLIS, OR--(Marketwired - December 03, 2015) - InsightsNow, a leading custom consumer research company based in Corvallis, Oregon along with Catalina conducted its "Mobile Savvy Shopper" survey with the goal of helping the retail industry gain a better understanding of how shoppers use smartphone shopping apps while at the store. The survey was conducted in October 2014. Fifteen panelists who met the criteria of a "mobile savvy shopper" spent one week searching their desires, motivations and current experiences regarding shopping apps. Based on their input, InsightsNow developed a survey journal which was used to poll 1,000 survey respondents to inform a predictive model of best and worst features.

For the purposes of this study, a mobile savvy shopper was defined as a U.S. resident 18 or older and was responsible for more than half of the grocery shopping. In addition, the individual had to own a smartphone with advanced capabilities to download apps and have used it during the past three months or are interested in using their smartphone while shopping for grocery or household goods.

Greg Stucky, InsightsNow chief research officer, co-presented the findings with Courtney Acuff, Catalina vice president, insights & design, product. The presentation took place Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at the Shopper Marketing Conference & Expo held in Minneapolis.

"The value exchange that shoppers are looking for today is a seamless experience between the shopping related moments in their lives and the technology," said Stucky. "Shoppers are not nearly as interested in features and functions as much as they are a smooth integration experience that is relevant to the day-to-day challenges of feeding their families."

Based on InsightsNow and Catalina's research, shoppers are looking for a new and better shopping experience. Specifically, three behaviorally impactful areas where apps need to perform were uncovered for using shopping apps. Saving money, creating smart efficiency and integration into all the different shopping moments in their lives are most important to today's mobile savvy shopper.

What Shoppers are looking for from Shopping Apps?

Today's shopper is much more likely to go to many different retailers. They are also doing a lot of comparison shopping and trip planning before they go to the store. This creates an opportunity for app developers to make the process much less cumbersome. As a retailer, there is an opportunity to simplify the shopping experience by having the app do the hard work by providing shoppers with the functionality to enable a seamless shopping experience that helps them save money and time, while connecting their shopping moments.

InsightsNow and Catalina's research found that five of the seven most desired app features were associated with coupons, budgeting and tracking spending.

"In today's multi-retailer shopping environment, it is critical to find new ways to develop loyalty," said Stucky. "Retailers and manufacturers must think of an app as a communication pathway for fostering a meaningful and beneficial relationship with shoppers, rather than as just a functional tool to deliver ads or allow a shopper to search for store locations." Acuff added, "Providing value, from the shopper perspective, will ultimately drive bigger baskets, more impulse purchases, and greater loyalty."

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