Insite Computer Group Inc.

September 08, 2009 14:42 ET

Insite Computer Group Launches Solutions Specifically Geared to Accounting Firms

Forward Thinking Accounting Firms To Capitalize on New Offering Designed to Streamline Operations

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 8, 2009) - Insite Computer Group Inc. (ICG), an innovative technology solution provider, today launched its latest offering in cloud computing, specifically targeted to accounting firms - ( This turnkey solution is a result of the company's experience, expertise and understanding the needs of accounting firms across North America.

Called 3aod (, this offering delivers to accounting firms across North America all their required computing applications - on demand, anywhere, any time and over any device. This unique solution eliminates installing, upgrading, and maintaining the software applications and hardware used in accounting practices and enhances speed of access, system reliability and employee productivity. 3aod is an on-line managed software service that allows accounting firms use of the latest and most popular computer programs without having to download or install anything. With fast Internet speeds and an easy to use interface, 3aod's customers enjoy the benefits of the latest applications at cost-effective prices.

Besides offering accounting firms access to a broad range of applications, 3aod allows them to utilize their high-end servers with maximum affect. By taking advantage of Citrix technology, accounting firms are able to use the best computer programs at the fastest speeds. 3aod is compatible with most industry leading applications.

"3aod is the result of our broad experience in this sector," said Doron Kaminski, Chief Operating Officer, Insite Computer Group. "It delivers tremendous computing power to its users as a result of it residing in our managed data centres. Further, it also reduces corporate reliance on WANs and VPNs whose storage space is significantly less than 3aod's. Our built-in security features are state-of-the-art, giving our customers peace of mind and with one less major issue about which to worry."

Residing "in the cloud" 3aod is specifically tailored to meet the needs of accounting practices and is developed with partners that include HP, IBM, Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and Barracuda Networks.

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Insite Computer Group Inc. (ICG) is an innovative technology solution provider specializing in business and infrastructure-related solutions. The company is committed to designing, implementing and supporting custom network solutions based on its unsurpassed industry experience, best in class products and unparalleled customer service. The company sees technology as both an enabler and a generator of new opportunities. By combining strategy and technology it provides cutting-edge solutions for its clients, ensuring their business functions more reliably, efficiently and profitably.

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