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May 05, 2011 10:33 ET

Insomnia Reviewed by NeuroPerspective/NeuroInvestment

CARDIFF, CA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2011) - NI Research has released the May issue of NeuroPerspective (formerly NeuroInvestment) which reviews the status and prospects of therapeutics for insomnia.

Perhaps more than any other disorder, insomnia illustrates the rigidification of a therapeutic category by the emergence of acceptable, and accepted, generic mainstream treatment choices. It was not so long ago that the conventional 'wisdom', focused upon the potential broadening of the insomnia category into an extremely wide net, by including acute, transient episodes of sleep impairment that could have environmental or hormonal triggers. For any approved drug, this would in theory have made possible significant market expansion. The fantasy was of an epic battle between novel Big Pharma drugs, Armageddon for both insomnia and cost-controls. This did not, and will not, happen. The power of payors to demand generic primacy, concurrent with the emergence of generic zolpidem/Ambien IR and CR, soon to be joined by generic Lunesta, have changed everything. So far as offering an easier venue for drug development is concerned, insomnia has lost its lustre, and efforts by smaller companies like Somaxon, Somnus, and Transcept to develop specialty anti-insomnia drugs will result in far smaller niches than they had hoped for. While orexin-antagonism (Merck, GSK/Actelion) retains some appeal as an alternative mechanism, it will be a steep slope indeed to achieve market penetration commensurate with the costs-of-development.

The May issue of NeuroPerspective also includes an assessment of the crop of oral MS drugs from Novartis, Biogen-Idec, and Teva/Active-Biotech; brief comments on the vaporization of prospects of Pfizer/Medivation's Dimebon, and on Shire's attempt to position Vyvanse as an option for the negative/cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia. A guest editorial by H. Christian Fiibiger PhD (former head of neuroscience for Lilly, Amgen, and Biovail) delineates 'Psychopharmacology in Crisis.' The May issue includes a brief review of Biocrea, developing PDE inhibitors for psychiatric and neurological disorders.

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