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April 20, 2011 07:00 ET

Inspiring Moms' 2010-2011 Tracking Study Reveals That 2 out of 3 Moms Feel Unprepared, Lost and Dissatisfied

CEO Amy Hilbrich Davis, Mom & Family Expert, Unlocks the Secrets to Greater Balance, Success and Happiness With the balance MAP, an Innovative and Individualized Online Tool

KANSAS CITY, KS--(Marketwire - Apr 20, 2011) - Amy Hilbrich Davis, Founder and CEO of Inspiring Moms, a company that provides professional development for motherhood, announces that the majority of mothers don't feel successful at juggling the demands of motherhood. In her company's on-going study of currently over 1,000 moms, she found that almost two-thirds of all moms don't feel like they are thriving in motherhood. The greatest difference between moms who feel like they are thriving and those that don't is feeling in control and knowing what to do.

"It is no secret that motherhood is hard and moms struggle," says Davis. "Our research shows some startling statistics that highlight the areas where moms are feeling their greatest frustrations and concerns."

As of March 2011, the unprecedented findings state that most moms (stay-at-home, part-time employed and full-time employed) feel:

  • Not in Control: 63% of moms reported that they "don't feel in control as a mom."
  • Not Doing a Good Job: 62.4% reported that they "aren't satisfied that they are doing a great job as a mom."
  • Not Reaching Full Potential: 61.7% of moms also reported they don't feel they "know what it takes to reach their full potential."
  • No Skills: 50.1% of moms "aren't confident in their skills as a mom."

Davis believes that this dynamic is explained by the fact that moms are given no direction and minimal preparation or development for the critically important and demanding job of motherhood. "Motherhood is like any other job; to be successful you have to know what to do and how to do it. Most skills are learned, not instinctual."

Davis' company, Inspiring Moms, provides the strategies, tools, and best practices to help working and stay-at-home mothers achieve greater balance, success, and happiness in their family life. A mom to seven kids, Davis understands the time and energy demands on moms and determined that she needed to provide a new resource that would be research-based, fast, personalized to each mom's situation, and provide measureable results. Davis created an innovative online tool to address each mom's desire for greater balance in life: the balance MAP.

The balance MAP helps moms take control of their busy lives by helping them focus, organize and prioritize all of the demands of motherhood. It is a comprehensive and personalized "action plan" that uses an online questionnaire to provide specific strategies and proven solutions where each mom needs and wants them most. The balance MAP is about identifying individual needs and offering proven solutions, not about prescribing one particular method. "There is no one right way to be a mom, but every mom has her way. The balance MAP was developed to help each mom find her way," says Davis.

Available at, all mothers can receive their personalized balance MAP by completing a 15-minute confidential online questionnaire. Individual balance MAPs are generated immediately to either print or read online. This smart book platform produces over 63 million unique versions of the balance MAP possible. As the database of information grows, the balance MAP will continually deliver invaluable best practices that increase each mother's likelihood of greater balance, success, and happiness.

The balance MAP is $29.95 and can be purchased at

For more information on the tracking study, Inspiring Moms, Amy Hilbrich Davis, or the balance MAP, please visit

In a tracking study conducted by Inspiring Moms between March 2010 through March 2011, 1070 moms, including 330 stay-at-home, 222 part-time employed and 518 full-time employed moms, completed a 70-question online survey on motherhood. For each question, they were asked to rate their Current State vs. their Ideal State in six areas: Satisfaction with Motherhood,Personal Wellness, Parenting Skills, Partner Relationships, Support Network, and Home & Family. Dissatisfaction was determined by the significant difference in the two measures.

Amy Hilbrich Davis is the founder and CEO of Inspiring Moms, a company that provides professional development for the job of mom, and the creator of the award-winning balance MAP online tool. She is also a regularly engaged speaker and mom to seven children. Amy inspires moms to lead with their strengths in the areas where each mom needs and wants it the most. Find out more about Inspiring Moms by visiting,

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