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December 04, 2014 03:01 ET

Instant In-Depth Visibility, Control, Security on SDN Networks -- Saisei Has an App for That on New HP SDN App Store

Saisei Demonstrates Its FlowCommand App This Week at HP Discover 2014

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - December 04, 2014) - Saisei today announced it is offering the first in a new class of network performance enforcement (NPE) solutions through the new HP SDN App Store. The Saisei FlowCommand™ NPE software provides real-time visibility and control of millions of flows on HP SDN networks, enabling enterprise customers to speed cloud deployments, double network capacity, and stop security attacks and user application crashes. FlowCommand is currently available for a free 60-day trial through the HP App Store.

Saisei also said it has joined the global HP AllianceOne partner program, and is showing its FlowCommand software in action at HP Discover 2014, Booth 563, December 2-4, in Barcelona.

"FlowCommand adds a completely new perspective to the HP SDN App Store and for companies deploying SDN," said Bill Beckett, Saisei Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. "FlowCommand sees every micro-flow that touches a network and can publish this flow information to HP's SDN controller, enabling these networks to universally control all network traffic, not just some of it. This has huge benefits: 50% net capacity currently in reserve for peak loads is now freed up, net neutrality becomes a reality for all users, security breaches can be stopped immediately, and users have a much better applications experience, especially when it comes to video.

"We're excited to be working with HP; they clearly understand that only revolutionary networking technology will solve the challenges customers face in moving to SDN, cloud computing and mobility," said Beckett.

"The HP SDN App Store is an industry-leading ecosystem that allows customers to use HP's SDN architecture to unlock performance while lowering costs of mobile and cloud workloads," said Michael Zhu, Senior Director, Global Solutions and Alliances, HP Networking. "As a leading-edge provider of flow-based bandwidth, business and network security analytics and control software, Saisei is an important addition to the HP SDN App Store and adds innovative solutions for customers in their migration to SDN."

Sub-second SDN Control + Visibility + Scale = End of User Complaints

Saisei's FlowCommand software lets customers leverage SDN networks that outperform any existing IP network deployment. By eliminating the TCP/IP requirement for data queuing, companies can use FlowCommand to run their networks at more than 95% capacity. Starting with this doubled available bandwidth, FlowCommand then examines every SDN flow on a link and applies bandwidth, business and security policies to each flow multiple times per second. This level of granularity ensures the success of enterprise VDI deployments and their expansion to public or hybrid clouds. 

FlowCommand can monitor up to 5M concurrent data flows on a 10G link 20 times per second, applying any combination of up to 40 policies (spanning users, applications, devices, geographies) to each flow and executing those policy options on all flows in less than one second. And, it can do this for 1B external hosts.

Even on a small 100 Mbps link under FlowCommand's control, there is no amount of traffic that can hit that link and cause a user session to crash or take the link down. It can also throttle rogue user and peer-to-peer traffic, including BitTorrent. It does this through its Net Neutrality functionality that allows the solution to take the total number of hosts -- either by class or overall -- and divide the total available bandwidth among them. Business-critical flows can also be protected in a separate tier to ensure their performance and then the baseline Net Neutrality rules can be applied to the remaining flows, guaranteeing that they, too, will successfully transit the network without stalling or timing out.

The unique combination of doubling useable bandwidth, making sure that all user flows are guided through the network links, and insulating them from any security and overload conditions means that HP/Saisei-powered networks have the lowest level of user complaints possible.

By opening up the bandwidth reserved for peak loads, the cost-per-bit of enterprise network bandwidth plummets and the OpEx overhead of tracking and remediating service tickets caused by congestion and performance issues literally disappears.

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