SOURCE: Arizona Real Estate Connection

February 11, 2016 12:31 ET

Instant Renters Provides Unique Service To Protect Renters from Money Stealing Scams

Renters Find Comfort With Instant Renters Program to Find a New Home Without Concern of Being Deceived

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - February 11, 2016) - Instant Renters, via its web site, has developed a unique real estate service aimed at representing renters. The service is free to renters seeking to lease a single-family home. This service plugs a major hole in the real estate industry, since most realtors do not want to work with renters.

While largely unreported, renters are subject to scams in which they are taken advantage of by unscrupulous con artists. Renters may not be negotiating with an owner or authorized representative, the home may be in foreclosure, so called "free" sites provide misinformation, and other ways to illegally take advantage of unknowing renters.

Instant Renters has made a commitment to professional real estate representation for renters. According to owner Jason Grandon, "We started this niche because we found many agents do not want to help people find rental homes. Today we do hundreds of rentals per month." The company does not do property management, but believes renting is a significant part of the real estate industry. "Besides," continues Grandon, "this is a great way to meet a future buyer."

A rental agreement is a real estate transaction and should be supervised by a knowledgeable real estate professional. Each year thousands of dollars are lost when renters give someone money for a rental home, only to find the person they gave the money to has nothing to do with the property.

While Instant Renters has the mission of "connecting ideal renters with ideal rentals in Arizona," it also has an investment department that helps investors find great homes for rental income. They will even provide their investors with a qualified tenant for free.

The company is open and forthright with potential tenants. In fact, they provide access on their web site to a state of Arizona document entitled, "Residential Landlord and Tenant Act," so that renters are fully informed of their rights and responsibilities. Scams are rampant, but be sure to watch out for absentee landlords who want deposits wired, requests for verification codes, requests from unknown parties for personal and financial information, empty homes and, believe it or not, ads with typos and sob stories. Always know with whom you are dealing and take advantage of a real estate professionals' know-how and experience. 

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