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October 23, 2013 09:00 ET

Instart Logic Boosts Conversions by 16.8% for Dollar Shave Club and Dramatically Improves Mobile Monetization

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 23, 2013) - Instart Logic, creators of the world's first Web Application Streaming Network, announced today that one of the most innovative online retailers, Dollar Shave Club, achieved a 16.8% increase in conversion rates immediately after switching over to Instart Logic's Web performance service. In particular, Instart Logic improved Dollar Shave Club's performance on mobile devices, significantly boosting conversion rates on Android platforms such as the Samsung Galaxy Note and Google's Nexus 7.

"We ran an A/B Test against Amazon CloudFront and Instart Logic gave us a 16.8% increase in conversions over a very large sample set of hundreds of thousands of visitors," says Dollar Shave Club VP of Engineering Todd Lehr. "This was the single most impressive conversion win we have experienced to date for anything we have done." Some Android devices experienced triple-digit conversion rate increases after Dollar Shave Club deployed Instart Logic, a critical improvement for the 35% to 45% of visitors accessing the company's site from mobile devices today. Because Dollar Shave Club sells personal care products as a subscription service, even a small increase in conversions translates into a significant boost to revenues and profits.

Dollar Shave Club is the latest innovative Internet retailer to use Instart Logic's web acceleration service to provide fast and superior Web application experiences to customers around the globe on all types of data connections. "As we move towards a world dominated by connections over mobile devices, we are hearing from more customers that legacy Web performance solutions cannot deliver the high-impact results -- especially for mobile users -- needed to lift revenue," says Manav Mittal, CEO and cofounder of Instart Logic. "When cutting-edge e-commerce companies like Dollar Shave Club, Volcom,, Bonfaire, and GogoBot adopt our disruptive technology and see such concrete results, it shows that it's time to displace legacy systems like CDNs with a superior approach."

Dollar Shave Club's Lehr also praised Instart Logic for excellent customer service. "They always pick up the phone and we have received a great deal of high-quality engineering assistance, to ensure we not only get up and running but stay up and running 24x7," says Lehr, who believes that Instart Logic will give his company an unfair advantage in the coming holiday shopping season when online traffic explodes and many retailers capture between 50% and 75% of their annual revenue.

For fast-growing companies and major brands, Instart Logic delivers a differentiated service with the same global reach of CDNs. Instart Logic's Web Application Streaming provides built-in application intelligence that understands a web application and how the browser and end users consume it. This enables intelligent prioritized streaming of web assets, allowing users to interact almost immediately with a web page or application after only a partial download.

Instart Logic's acceleration platform delivers benefits equally over both wired and wireless pathways; it was designed specifically to address bottlenecks and problems in wireless connections and mobile networks that legacy Web performance systems choke on, such as dynamic HTML, micro-personalization, social network updates, increasing image sizes on sites, and the overall increasing complexity and load factor of web applications. Details about Instart Logic's customers and their results with our solutions are available at

About Instart Logic
Instart Logic provides the world's first Web Application Streaming Network. It is the only web performance solution with built-in intelligence that understands a web application and how the browser consumes it. Intelligent streaming allows users to interact almost immediately with a web page or application with only a partial download. This is especially useful for improving user experiences over wireless network connections. Instart Logic empowers web publishers to deliver current and next-generation rich web applications that dramatically boost user engagement, increase customer loyalty and drive new revenue streams. Instart Logic is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures, Tenaya Capital, and several notable Silicon Valley angel investors.

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