Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Ontario

Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Ontario

December 03, 2010 12:55 ET

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario: Two Ottawa Students Earn Honours in Canada-Wide CA Exam

99 Other Local Students Pass One of the World's Most Challenging Professional Exams

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 3, 2010) - Two Ottawa Chartered Accounting students have achieved top marks on one of the world's most challenging professional entry examinations. According to the results of the Uniform Evaluation (UFE), a national accounting examination, Derek Deutsch and Adele McGee earned places on the prestigious National Honour Roll – the listing of the top 50 students in the country.

The UFE, written in September, is a national three-day evaluation that assesses competencies including essential knowledge, professional judgment, ethics and the ability to communicate. The UFE is an important component of the CA qualification program, which includes prescribed education, practical experience and examination requirements. Only those who complete this entire program successfully are entitled to use the internationally recognized designation of Chartered Accountant, a profession known for superior financial expertise, strategic thinking, business insight and leadership.

Mr. Deutsch has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto-St. George and is currently articling at Deloitte & Touche LLP in Toronto. "I was very surprised when I found out that I made the Honour Roll. It was something that was way beyond my expectations as I was pretty sick during the UFE week. I definitely attribute my success to all of the support that I received from family and friends during those three long days," he said. "I'm a big fan of travel and, when I complete my experience requirements, I'd like to explore international opportunities. I anticipate that the CA designation will be a big help along the way due to its global recognition."

Ms. McGee has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University and articles at Hendry Warren LLP in Ottawa. On why she chose the profession, Ms. McGee said: "The accounting industry provides so many opportunities, although there's a big misconception of the profession being heavily math-based – there really is very little math involved. I don't know where my future career will take me but I know having my CA will only open doors and allow the freedom to make decisions along the way."

In total, Ontario had 1,172 of the country's 3,046 successful UFE writers and captured 18 of 50 National Honour roll spots. Vicky Au of Markham captured the Canada Gold Medal as the top writer of the Uniform Evaluation in the country.

The following 99 other Ottawa-area CA students successfully wrote the exam and, upon completion of their 30-month experience requirement, have earned the right to add the letters CA to their names:


  • Nikhil Mahidhara 
  • Guylaine S.M. Rainville


  • Cheryl Dolliver
  • Jenna Krishnan
  • Elizabeth A. Lewis
  • Mohamed Sheibani


  • Amanda C. Naveda Wright


  • Omar B.T. Al-Farouki
  • Danika Cheff
  • Sean A. Kulik
  • Trevor M. Ladouceur
  • Mikhail Nazarov
  • S. Shabrina Reza
  • Neel Shah
  • Samir Shandal
  • Rui Zhuang


  • Derek Hansis


  • Wagdi Abdelghaffar
  • Ibrahim Abou Hamad
  • Muhamad Adatia
  • Hiba Alvi
  • Inderpal Bal
  • Sarah Bartal
  • Angela N. Bertrand
  • Sarah E.K. Bertrand
  • Jason A. Blom
  • Liam F. Bordeleau
  • Kristen A. Bourke
  • Denis Bourque
  • Katherine J. Braha
  • R.J.M. Jason Chartrand
  • Anwar A. Cheblaoui
  • Tanya A. Choudhury
  • Michelle M. Chu
  • Martin R. Clement
  • Sarah M. Crain
  • Sean W. Cullum
  • Sarah E. Curry
  • Mallory L. Curtis
  • Jennifer H. Dawe
  • Luis C.O. De Jesus
  • Blerta Dhima
  • Lucas Z. Di Lenardo
  • Jessica M. Dyck
  • Sharmin Elahi
  • Michelle P. Finnegan
  • Kate N.C. Fung
  • Julien T. Gaudet-Rice
  • Iulian Gheorghiu
  • Andrew N. Godding
  • Dominic P. Goss
  • Sarah E. Guirguis
  • Elias B. Hage
  • Stephanie Haley
  • Sachit P. Harish
  • Anton Havorka
  • Mitchell H. Hermansen
  • Paul J.P. Holden
  • S. Ahmad Husain
  • Tri K. Huynh
  • Leon Ip
  • Arvin Jain
  • Shelina Jamal
  • Dimpy R. Khakharia
  • Ioulia Kliachtornaia
  • Viktoriya Kotova
  • Hiba Z. Kukaswadia
  • Adrian M. Lang
  • Chelsea L. Lauzon
  • Paul T. Maniscalco
  • David N. McIver
  • Simon E. McLennan
  • Sophia T. Mirza
  • Sherrie L. Moore
  • Sean M. Pilgrim
  • Andrew J. Poechman
  • Tomasz Popiel
  • Matthew J. Purdy
  • Stacey B. Quesnel
  • Sarwar S. Qureshi
  • Adnan Rauf
  • Jeremy R. Reeds
  • Syed Waseq H. Rizvi
  • Brittany Schooley
  • Moriah Shemer
  • Christopher J. Stapledon
  • Daryna L. Stavnicha
  • Reena Szeto
  • Nicole M. Vaillancourt
  • Melissa A. Van Alstine
  • Sarah E. Van Hooydonk
  • Michael Walters
  • Christopher A. Watt Bickley
  • Stephanie S.L. Yee

Smiths Falls

  • D. Robert Begley


  • Brendan P. Duivenvoorden
  • Olga Dziunycz
  • Gregory J. Scharf
  • Kody R. Wilson

"Congratulations to all of the successful Ontario candidates," said Rod Barr, FCA, President and CEO, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario. "Qualifying to become a CA is a very challenging process and the resulting career is rich in rewards and opportunities. I am confident that all of the students will make great contributions in their future careers and will uphold the high standards of the CA profession."

Photos of the Honour Roll students and interviews are available on request.

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario is the qualifying and regulatory body of Ontario's 34,000 Chartered Accountants and 5,000 CA students. Since 1879, the Institute has protected the public interest through the CA profession's internationally recognized standards of qualification and the enforcement of its rules of professional conduct. Chartered Accountants are the professionals Canada's business leaders trust to help make the financial, strategic and leadership decisions that matter. The Institute's website is: and the student website is

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