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May 07, 2013 10:54 ET

The Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery to Introduce Verisante Aura, an Innovative Technology to Aid in Skin Cancer Detection

The Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery is one of the first in Canada to have one of the newest and most innovative technologies - Verisante Aura - in its continued efforts to provide patients with the best in skin cancer detection, prevention and mole monitoring. The innovative solution is a multimodal spectroscopy and imaging system that helps in the early detection of skin cancer.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 7, 2013) - The Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery (ICLS) is one of the country's few clinics to have adopted this state of the art, painless skin cancer detection technology. In addition to Fotofinder Mole Mapping, Verisante Aura is the latest addition to its offerings. ICLS was one of only three clinics in Canada to use this technology, which is recommended either alone or in conjunction with biopsies, cosmetic mole removal, effective sunscreens and Fotofinder Mole Mapping.

Dr. Sapra, speaking on behalf of ICLS, said in reference to the 2012 September/October edition of the Dermatology Times of Canada that a continued trend among the youth is to get tanned despite enough evidence advising against the same and the increased number of warnings. He added that with the introduction of Verisante Aura, ICLS can now benefit from additionally valuable information on skin composition and risk factors.

Dr. Sapra also said that while he had the technology in a pilot or beta stage, ICLS was very anxious to extend its benefits to its patients. The technology is non-invasive as it does not require any painful skin biopsy. This should increase its appeal among those seeking painless and scar-free options for assessing their lesions; especially those who are considered high risk.

Along with Fotofinder Mole Mapping which tracks minute changes in mole and lesions, and uses them as a baseline for comparison; it is evident that these technologies are on the forefront of innovation. More specifically, images are taken of the moles using high quality cameras present in the device. The images are then used as a reference and any small change can be monitored easily. The Fotofinder is a tool used for early identification of skin cancer in patients with a family history of this condition.

About the company: The Institute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery is based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. ICLS is a state of the art facility catering to the dermatology and plastic surgery needs of patients, with the latest technology and most effective procedures available.

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