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September 11, 2013 08:40 ET

Institutional Investor Reports on the Legacy of Lehman Five Years After Its Collapse

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 11, 2013) - Five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings triggered the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Institutional Investor today marked the anniversary with a major editorial package, "The Legacy of Lehman." In a series of five in-depth articles, II writers shine a light on the dramatic evolution in the world of finance since 2008, and show where the big dangers lurk today.

"The cataclysm shook the U.S. financial system to its core and pushed the world economy to the brink of depression," said Tom Buerkle, International Editor at Institutional Investor. "Five years later much has changed, yet big, often incalculable, risks remain."

Institutional Investor's Legacy of Lehman series will include:

  • "Is It Safe Yet?" An examination of the unfinished agenda of regulation, showing how officials have failed to properly address some of the biggest problems areas, such as too-big-to-fail banks and the sprawling derivatives markets.
  • "Taper Tantrum." How the Federal Reserve is weighing its exit options from the extraordinary monetary policies of the past five years, and why that move is bound to generate volatility -- and possibly trigger a new recession.
  • "Emerging Tensions." Why emerging markets economies are no longer a safe haven, and a look at the factors that will distinguish the winners from the losers.
  • "Europe's Weak Link." Why European banks remain one of the biggest sources of systemic risk in the financial system today despite the belated efforts of banks and regulators.
  • "Renminbi Time." A look at how the Chinese currency is taking major strides to become a rival to the dollar and the euro notwithstanding the recent slowdown in China's economy.

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