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April 15, 2009 10:25 ET

Insulin Analogs Will Experience Decreased Sales Growth, Says Cutting Edge Information

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - April 15, 2009) - In light of two recent studies published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Cutting Edge Information analysts forecast a slowing of insulin analog sales. One study revealed little added medical value using insulin analogs as compared to conventional insulins. Its companion study determined that for most patients, conventional insulins are more cost-effective than the increasingly popular insulin analogs. Though both studies focused on the Canadian diabetic market, the findings easily relate to other countries.

To insulin analog manufacturers, these results are troubling. By 2012, insulin analog sales for the top companies were estimated to reach almost $13 billion, while their conventional insulin sales would drop slightly to $3.5 billion. Now, according to Cutting Edge Information, these companies stand to experience decreasing sales growth for their insulin analog lines.

"US and European governments' stated focus on eliminating unnecessary healthcare costs may reduce the projected growth in insulin analogs, which top insulin manufacturers are relying on to increase their revenues," said Jeremy Spivey, Cutting Edge Information research analyst and lead author of "Diabetes Market Forecast to 2013."

Even worse for the market leaders, many companies in India and China already produce conventional insulins at much lower costs to patients -- some as low as $3/vial. Unless the current insulin leaders can cut their conventional insulin manufacturing costs to compete with these up-and-comers, they could potentially see themselves cut out of the insulin market altogether.

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