February 06, 2007 08:01 ET

Insurance Agents Save Time and Money With RPost Registered E-Mail Services

Endorsed by Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, RPost Transforms Insurance Business Operations by Delivering Advanced E-mail Liability Protection

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 6, 2007 -- RPost® US Inc., the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered E-mail® service suite, today announced widespread adoption among independent insurance agencies and brokerages of RPost as the service platform for business-critical outbound e-mail communications. Companies in the highly regulated insurance sector that now use RPost include Carroll Companies, Clemons Insurance, Finance Insurance Company, Frankel Insurance, Hayward Tilton & Rolapp Ins. Associates, Inc., HT Insurance, Seely-Durland, Inc., S.H. Smith & Company, Inc., and The Graham Company. With RPost, these companies now have legal and verifiable proof of e-mail delivery, message content and a detailed electronic trail from sender to receiver. With RPost, insurance brokers and agents can now comfortably and efficiently use e-mail where paper was once the only way to transact business.

Insurance professionals are conservative by nature and risk adverse, but are also under competitive pressure to streamline processes and drive greater efficiency. Confronted with huge Errors and Omissions (E&O) liability exposures, agents and brokers require new technologies that allow them to optimize electronic communications while minimizing risk. By shoring up the last-mile security gap in traditional electronic business communications, RPost Registered E-Mail messages offer insurance professionals speed, security, accountability and personal liability protection in a simple, cost-effective solution that can be used when needed for an average cost of $0.59 per message, far less than overnight delivery or certified/registered snail mail.

"Seely-Durland, and indeed the entire insurance industry, needs a product like RPost's Registered E-mail service for communicating with its customers, underwriters, marketing reps, claims adjustors, auditors and a host of other insurance related contacts," commented Stuart Durland, vice president of Seely-Durland, Inc. and past president of ASCnet, the association of independent insurance agents and brokers. "The time-sensitive process of binding insurance coverage by traditional paper communications no longer meets the needs of market demands. RPost not only transforms the way brokers send orders to bind coverage and endorsement, but all communications among clients, brokers and carriers are expedited and afforded more accountability."

"RPost's Registered E-mail service has changed our practices on what we communicate by e-mail as opposed to regular mail or fax. With RPost's Registered E-mail service we are able to send much more information by e-mail given RPost's ability to provide legal proof of the delivery of the e-mail content and attachments," said A. Peter Prinsen, vice president and general counsel of The Graham Company.

RPost's Registered E-mail service has been tested, accepted and used by U.S. government agencies needing simple, verifiable evidence of e-mail delivery and content with an official time-stamp. This acceptance is further proof of the quality of the RPost Registered E-mail service and has enhanced its value to insurance agents and brokers.

"RPost provides a simple, inexpensive solution to the many shortcomings inherent in standard e-mail because it proves delivery to every Internet mail address and provides verifiable evidence of the transaction in case of a dispute," said David Kinder, CFO of S.H. Smith & Company, Inc. "RPost's Registered E-mail gives us the peace of mind of knowing that an e-mail we deem important can be certified with a date and time stamp on the send, receive, and read status, as well as providing legal proof of the content and attachments our agents delivered."

Boosting Efficiency in Highly Regulated Markets

Professionals in law, financial services, insurance, real estate and other highly regulated industries recognize the value in using RPost Registered E-mail messages for electronic communications that have consequence, such as binding property to insurance policies, legal notices, contracts and proposals. By arming users with verifiable proof of delivery and content, e-mail suddenly becomes a viable alternative to overnight delivery of business critical information and allows organizations to save significant time and money.

RPost Registered E-mail users receive an electronic receipt that verifies delivery, message content, and official time sent and received for any e-mail. For the highest assurance of confidentiality, the RPost system does not retain a copy of the original e-mail, unlike alternative "store and forward" solutions, nor does it require e-mail recipients to download specialized software, click on links, or enter any passwords.

"The widespread adoption of RPost among insurance professionals is yet another testament to the intrinsic value of verifiable proof in e-mail communications," said Zafar Khan, co-founder and CEO of RPost. "RPost provides a simple, inexpensive solution to the many shortcomings inherent in standard e-mail because it proves delivery to every Internet mail destination and provides verifiable evidence of the transaction in case of a dispute. A major convenience for insurance companies is the pure simplicity of the service which does not require the e-mail recipient, the brokers' clients and carrier partners, to sign up for the service or maintain additional user names and passwords."

About RPost US Inc.:

RPost® US Inc. has set the global standard for Legal Proof™ for e-mail. RPost's patented services provide the e-mail sender with legally valid evidence of precisely what e-mail content and attachments were sent and received, by whom and when. RPost has strategic business relationships with AT&T, Sprint, Qwest, BTInfonet (BritishTel) and Symantec, among others, to provide RPost services to their existing clients. Available in five languages, RPost Registered E-mail® services are also used daily by the United States Government and have been endorsed and marketed by many of the influential bar associations in the United States. Headquartered in Los Angeles, RPost US Inc. has offices in Boston and Washington D.C. RPost International Limited operates in Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Australia.

"Registered E-mail" is a registered trademark owned by RPost. For more information about RPost, please visit

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