September 10, 2008 00:30 ET Educates Readers on Home Foreclosures

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - September 10, 2008) - Thanks to its reputation for information-rich, honest content,, based in San Jose, California, offers reliable data on even the most difficult topics. As homeowners struggle to understand what has happened to the mortgage business in America, to decipher terms like "subprime lending," and to figure out why Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae matter, InsuranceSpecialists has stepped into the void with fresh articles on understanding the basics of home mortgage foreclosures.

"It's not a happy topic," said Jon Davidson, CEO, "but no one makes good decisions operating from a position of fear and ignorance. People who are facing foreclosure need to know what to do and those who are considering insurance quotes during a home purchase need some help in deciding if this is the right time to buy or not. Our writers have worked to boil these dense issues down to a comprehensible level for all our readers. Not everyone is a realtor or a financial whiz. Most folks just want a simple explanation and that's what we're trying to give them."

In the recently published article, "Home Mortgage Foreclosures, Subprime Lending & Freddie Mac," InsuranceSpecialists explains how the mortgage crisis began. The intent of an adjustable rate mortgage was to help first time home buyers surmount the initial expense of a new home by starting them at a low rate that would increase with time. Unfortunately the housing boom caused lenders to grant loans to people who were borderline risks at best. When the economy faltered and jobs began to be lost, mortgage payment default skyrocketed.

"Right now all the experts are keeping their eyes on the rate of payment delinquency," said Davidson. "They define that value by how many loans are 30 or more days behind. Currently it's sitting at 15.75% and most of the prognosticators will say that's an indicator of more troubles to come."

With property values declining, both investors and private citizens alike are seeing potential deals to be made, but experts agree that before any property purchase, solid advice should be sought and factors like the down payment and long-term income potential to meet the payments should be carefully considered. "If you look at our name, InsuranceSpecialists," said Davidson, "you assume we're all about homeowners insurance and insurance quotes, but we can't do that if the people we work with can't afford to buy property or lose the property they already have. We want to help existing and future homeowners at every level of the game."

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