June 17, 2009 03:00 ET Relaunches With Simplified, Accessible Design

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - June 17, 2009) -, a recognized leader in online insurance data, has returned to the web after an extensive redesign that focuses the presentation of the site's material and services on meeting the needs of clients. Visitors to will find easy access to free quotes and in-depth articles to help readers not only find affordable insurance, but to fully understand the details of the coverage they receive.

"The phrase may be hackneyed, but the idea is still strong -- sometimes less is more," said Julie Smith, CEO of the San Jose, California-based site. "People come to us looking for cheap liability insurance. They don't need bells and whistles. They need information. We've tried to get every hurdle out of the way and take them straight to the rate quote material they want."

Basic and frank information on getting low car insurance rates and keeping them is prominently displayed on the opening page of The free quote engine is clearly positioned in a prominent blue box to the right, with major menu items listed on the left hand side. The layout is straightforward and pleasantly unencumbered by extras that would distract the reader. cuts to the chase in explaining the advantage of shopping for insurance online, "On a list of fun ways to spend time, shopping for auto insurance is hardly at the top, and most of us want to spend as little time as possible doing it while saving as much money as possible. By coming to, you've already got a head start on both of those goals. Why? Because by shopping online you're saving significant time, and studies show you're also likely to save as much as 25% more on your insurance than you would if you simply picked up the phone and started calling different companies."

In addition to rate quotes, the site offers advice on such items as "Gap Insurance coverage" as well as the latest industry news. "Getting and keeping car insurance doesn't have to be rocket science," said Smith. "We've found that if you clearly present the basic data to people, give them the tools to comparison shop for rates, and help them to stay abreast of the latest developments; they're basically good to go."

The information on is constantly refreshed to reflect the latest developments in the industry. The editors welcome and invite your questions, comments, and ideas. Send email to:

Corporate Summary, based in San Jose, California, offers direct, accessible information on obtaining and maintaining California insurance plans since 2004 that are both comprehensive and inexpensive. The site includes a straightforward request engine for insurance rates quotes.

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