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October 15, 2008 08:00 ET

Intava Enables Personalized In-Store Marketing Using Smartphones

Smartphone Integration Marries Mobile Phones With In-Store Digital Displays to Engage, Inform and Communicate With Customers in the Store and Beyond

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 15, 2008) - The Digital Signage Show at KioskCom -- Intava, a leader in interactive signage and systems for retail environments, today announced that it now enables retailers to deliver any in-store interactive system or marketing campaign to a variety of smartphones, including Apple's popular iPhone. The new offering is an enhancement to Intava Sphira, a flexible platform that facilitates rapid development and management of in-store interactive and digital signage systems. With Intava's new smartphone solution, retailers can create personalized, mobile interactions to be used within the store environment, delivering promotions, marketing messages and product information directly to the mobile phone.

As touch screen interfaces and faster wireless networks dramatically improve the mobile Internet experience, smartphones are poised to become the next powerful channel to attract and connect with customers. Today, retailers primarily use the phone for eCommerce aimed at those shoppers outside the retail environment. Intava creates unique interactive experiences made for use inside the store, allowing retailers to more personally connect with customers, deliver promotions and product information, or direct customers to new areas within the store -- all via their mobile phones.

Smartphone Integration with Digital Signage -- from Retail to Restaurants

Intava's flexible and scalable mobile technology can be customized for any business application. For example, a retailer can position an interactive touch screen near the entrance of the store where customers get information such as a store map, special offers, inventory counts, product details, promotional videos, and more. In addition, by entering their phone number into the screen, smartphone owners receive a text message link to a personalized mobile experience that they can access right on their phone from anywhere in the store. Customers can also take the smartphone application, which may include customized offers, outside the store and make purchases at their convenience.

Intava Sphira-based smartphone applications work in a variety of retail settings, including traditional retail, restaurants, bars, hotels, and anywhere that companies want to better communicate and connect with their customers. Combined with Sphira's existing system for identifying the location of users, retailers can target a customer with information relevant to his or her specific location through in-store screens or a smartphone. This capability enables location-based shopper assistance tools, marketing campaigns and promotions, plus far more personalized communication than is currently delivered through traditional kiosks and in-store media networks.

"The mobile phone has become the most powerful and universal communication device, providing consumers with a constant connection to their digital life and presenting a great opportunity for retailers to create new and relevant interactions with their customers," said Troy Carroll, CEO of Intava. "By integrating support for smartphones into our Sphira platform, we can now help our customers deliver unified consumer experiences that span in-store media networks, interactive screens, and the most personal and accessible device of all -- the phone."

Any interactive, mobile or digital signage network built using Intava Sphira includes detailed analytic reports showing activity broken down by delivery type, whether in-store digital media displays, interactive screens, or mobile devices. Reporting can also be displayed by location -- down to each specific screen. Intava's integrated reporting system arms retailers and advertisers with invaluable consumer data to optimize in-store campaigns and strategies based on each store's performance. Intava Sphira can be scaled to thousands of locations, easily updated with new content and promotions, and managed remotely, making it easy for retailers to both implement and scale their systems as they grow.

Experience Intava at the Digital Signage Show at KioskCom in New York

Intava is demonstrating a smartphone-enabled interactive experience at the Digital Signage Show at KioskCom in New York City this week, October 15-16, in booth #107. The company will demonstrate how easy it is to extend Intava-powered systems onto mobile devices. For information on Intava or to meet with the company at the show, please contact Darlene Gannon at 650-257-7616 or

Announced separately today, Intava will also showcase its new audience measurement system, which tracks consumers' faces as they look at interactive displays, measuring the effectiveness of a digital signage campaign. A small camera mounted on a digital display follows a customer's eyes and examines the characteristics of the face to determine if the shopper looked at the screen and for how long. Intava's software combines this data with a powerful reporting and analysis system to give retailers a key tool for measuring digital signage success.

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