SOURCE: Integra Information Technologies, Inc.

July 30, 2008 17:12 ET

Integra Saves Small Companies Big Dollars With New Records Management Software

BOISE, ID--(Marketwire - July 30, 2008) - In a down economy, many local businesses are taking advantage of new document management software to streamline their internal systems and eliminate overhead costs associated with paper. By scanning existing files into electronic documents, they are able to eliminate paper storage and eliminate administrative positions and overhead associated with filing and finding records.

In the last 18 months, several document management software systems have come out that have made it affordable for small businesses to convert their paper to digital images with just one scanner and a couple of user licenses. "There are some really cool two to four user systems for as low as $2,500 bucks," according to Gary Maxwell, President of Integra Information Technologies. "All you need to add is a scanner and some minimal training and your business can go paperless for under five grand. In the past, those systems would have cost 10 times that."

Once you scan a piece of paper and put it into a document management system, there are no costs associated with filing, tracking or finding paper. It's available to anyone in the company as an electronic image that can be viewed, emailed or manipulated. The original paper can be shredded and you've now become paperless. "We have proven time and time again that paperless offices are more cost effective and they're definitely greener," says Maxwell.

After businesses become paperless, they will want to take a look at converting all of their stored paper and getting rid of costly storage units. "We have a Conversion Service Department that converts millions documents per year for customers. Once, we convert it, we upload it to the customer's network, disk, or put to a hosted web-server. After that, they can shred it all and there's no more storage cost or lost documents."

With looming lawsuits associated with records keeping, company executives can also have peace of mind knowing that they are in compliance with records retention laws and they can respond to eDiscovery requests from lawyers. "eDiscovery can cost a small company a fortune when trying to collect every email and piece of paper associated with a past employee or company that is trying to sue you. If they have an electronic content management system, they can save thousands of dollars related to collecting records and possibly millions in potential liability," according to Maxwell.

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