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March 20, 2013 08:00 ET

Integrate Launches AdHQ to Liberate Media Buyers Trapped in Spreadsheet Hell

AdHQ Centralizes Paid Advertising Across Online, Offline and Mobile Media for Brands and Agencies

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Mar 20, 2013) - Integrate, a leading advertising technology provider, today announced the release of AdHQ, a comprehensive workflow management solution for brand and agency advertisers and media buyers. Integrate's AdHQ empowers media and brand managers to effectively plan, launch, analyze and optimize cross-channel marketing campaigns across multiple forms of performance, digital and traditional media.

"Marketing needs to be smarter, more relevant, and focused on effectively reaching customers across channels and platforms. Being able to optimally allocate marketing resources across channels and accurately account for the marketing effect on key performance indicators (KPIs), such as revenue, is a top concern for senior marketers." ("Evaluate Your Marketing Optimization Readiness," Forrester Research, Inc., November 5, 2012)

Unlike single point solutions, Integrate's AdHQ is the first unified platform that allows marketers to manage the entire lifecycle of paid media campaigns in a single system. AdHQ provides an intuitive interface to plan and develop media buying strategies, a comprehensive ad-serving technology suite enabling effective lead distribution, affiliate tracking, call tracking, and real-time reporting and analytics to holistically compare channel, publisher and creative performance. This integrated approach increases the return on investment (ROI) of paid media campaigns by automating manual processes, simplifying workflows and increasing productivity. Based on early testing, advertisers reported up to a 150% increase in operational efficiency, translating to increased bandwidth of their existing staff.

AdHQ allows marketers to onboard their existing media partners and access a thriving ecosystem consisting of over 3,500 vetted publisher sources, more than 300,000 URLs and 35 digital programmatic buying systems. Those who implement AdHQ across all areas of media spend yield the best return.

"Integrate's AdHQ has absolutely improved overall campaign execution and allows our ad operations department to focus on other revenue generating tasks," said Isaac Zafarani at IDG TechNetwork, an online advertising network for technology marketers and agencies. "We moved all of our demand generation campaigns to AdHQ and can now manage hundreds of clients simultaneously -- while meeting their media schedules and protecting their brand security. It saves our staff tons of time by automating a lot of the manual and labor-intensive processes."

While analyzing cross-channel performance data, media buyers often get bogged down in what they call "Spreadsheet Hell." They spend hours and days recording performance data from different channels and ad types (e.g. print ads, TV commercials, Internet display ads, mobile ads, etc.) in separate spreadsheets, only to spend more time manually comparing data between spreadsheets to determine which channels are delivering the highest response rates.

Integrate's AdHQ provides real-time tracking and cross-channel reporting tools that compare performance metrics across online, offline and mobile paid media campaigns. The software automatically consolidates these cross-channel metrics into a single report, helping media buyers easily and accurately identify underperforming channels so they can instantly reallocate marketing spend to the highest performing publishers, methods, pricing models, creative and campaigns.

"Every day, media buyers waste valuable time and resources using processes from the 1990s," said Jeremy Bloom, co-founder of Integrate. "Why should today's smartest and hardest-working people in the ad business have to rely on media management methods that came into use back when Jurassic Park was in the theater, Nirvana was on the radio, and I was in junior high?

"We developed AdHQ to bring automation and simplification to marketing departments and agencies of all sizes," Bloom added. "The increase in operational efficiency gives agencies the ability to manage more clients with their existing staff, and gives marketing departments the ability to manage all of their customer acquisition efforts with their current resources, regardless of scale or spend."

Key features of AdHQ include:

  • Plan
    • Vetted Marketplace -- Plan media buys across 3,500+ trusted publishers, 300,000+ URLs and 35 programmatic buying systems.
    • Strategy Development -- Identify opportunities and gain insight into past campaigns and current market conditions.
    • Vendor Intelligence -- Make informed decisions regarding collaboration, removing the risk of blind tests that gamble budget on media buys with potentially unqualified publishers.
  • Launch
    • Campaign Creation -- Select pricing models and set campaign parameters using step-by-step guidelines.
    • Cross-Channel Distribution -- Manage all marketing efforts across all channels including online, offline and mobile.
    • Fraud Prevention -- Rely on comprehensive fraud prevention technology for every campaign, delivering an unmatched level of security and quality.
  • Analyze
    • Real-Time Reporting -- Track each campaign in real time, accounting for every advertising dollar spent and saving hundreds of hours in data accumulation and analysis.
    • Audience Analysis -- Deconstruct consumer information by location, demographics, behaviors and purchasing patterns.
    • CPL Campaign Review -- Identify positive lead-to-revenue correlations with real-time campaign analysis reports.
  • Optimize
    • Budget Reallocation -- Benefit from automated or manual reallocation based on real-time publisher performance statistics and campaign requirements.
    • Messaging Center -- Communicate directly with publishers to discuss campaign objectives, as well as negotiate allocation and pricing.

AdHQ is available and supports agencies, brands, networks and media sellers, with tiered integration fees for advertisers who choose to onboard their own publishers and third party systems. However, Integrate is offering a money back guarantee to brands and agencies that don't see an increase in efficiency and overall campaign performance after the first 90 days. Integrate clients include top advertisers such as Dell, LivingSocial, Sony, and Microsoft. For more information about Integrate's AdHQ please visit

About Integrate
Integrate is the first advertising technology provider that empowers media buyers to plan, launch, analyze and optimize marketing campaigns across performance, digital and traditional media. Integrate's AdHQ offers buyers and sellers an end-to-end solution that supports the entire lifecycle of paid media campaigns in one intuitive dashboard. The platform's regulated ecosystem ensures the success of any cross-channel marketing strategy across online, offline and mobile. AdHQ includes industry-leading analytical tools necessary to measure campaign effectiveness and optimize tactics in real time. Through advanced technology, Integrate saves marketers hundreds of hours in manual processes, enabling a single media buyer to do the work of an entire team.

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