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March 22, 2006 09:00 ET

Integrated Sage CRM SalesLogix/Sage MAS 200 ERP Solution Increases Call Center Sales Activity Forty Percent for Laser Life

Integrated System Helps Printer and Toner Distributor Manage Heavy Call Center Volume, Generate Direct Marketing Campaigns and Automate Account Management Processes

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 22, 2006 -- Sage Software announced today that Laser Life, a leading distributor of printers and toner cartridges across the southeastern U.S., is using Sage CRM SalesLogix integrated with Sage MAS 200 ERP to streamline its marketing, sales and accounting processes across the company. The integrated system enables Laser Life employees to manage the full scope of customer relationships including lead generation, sales opportunity management, support and accounting, and has helped Laser Life increase call center sales activity 40 percent, effectively increasing the company's revenue per customer.

"With Sage CRM SalesLogix, we can better learn each customer's unique product needs and buying cycles," said Bob Fox, president of Laser Life. "Integration with accounting data enriches our business management processes. Order information entered directly into Sage MAS 200 ERP is automatically recorded to Sage CRM Saleslogix to provide our distinct, yet interdependent, sales, support and accounting representatives a complete view of each customer's status."

Laser Life has 55 employees using the integrated Sage Software system including 17 sales representatives who manage a pipeline of approximately 1000 accounts each. Previously, employees tracked details using an online calendar application with limited functionality making it difficult to distinguish between new and existing customers, and limiting call center effectiveness.

Sage CRM Solutions business partner, Extremely Productive, Inc., implemented Sage CRM SalesLogix for Laser Life and integrated it with the company's existing Sage MAS 200 ERP system and phone system. The resulting call center feature customizations using Click N' Dial™ features have allowed sales and service representatives to increase from an average of 1,700 outbound calls per month to an average of 3,500 calls, with peak months rising to 6,800 calls.

"We interviewed Laser Life employees to learn exactly how they wanted to work," explained Josh Ovett, president of Extremely Productive, Inc. "The result is an integrated CRM and ERP system that does a lot of the work for them. Data is secure and each company representative can easily manage their areas of accountability. Customized Interactive Business Intelligence reports help in analyzing historical data and Key Performance Indicators down to the return value of each call placed."

Laser Life sales and service representatives use their integrated Sage Software system to track purchases, transaction dates, account receivables and call notes that help determine when customers will likely need to reorder products. The database in Sage MAS 200 ERP identifies any delinquent accounts that may warrant a credit hold.

Laser Life also uses Sage CRM SalesLogix to automate direct marketing activities and attributes over 2,400 additional order placements each year to its fax campaigns that send over 2,000 promotional faxes a week. Data from customer acquisitions, reorders and cross-sales generated by direct marketing campaigns is shared with Sage MAS 200 ERP to ensure comprehensive customer account records are complete.

"Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the benefits of integrated front- and back-office information to better understand the full scope of each customer relationship," noted Bob Neeser, vice president of Sage CRM Solutions sales for Sage Software. "Extremely Productive is a Sage CRM Solutions business partner at the forefront of data integration and, along with our entire network of partners, is capable of tailoring our CRM systems to the unique business requirements of any industry."

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