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February 23, 2010 10:00 ET

INTEGRITY Global Security, LLC Announces New Cyber Security Product Raising the Standard of Cyber Protection While Lowering Total Cost of Ownership

INTEGRITY nWire™ Protects Against Sophisticated Attackers and Makes Proven Security Commercially Affordable

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - February 23, 2010) -  INTEGRITY Global Security, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Hills Software, Inc., providers of IT security solutions, certified at the highest levels for government, military and commercial enterprises, announced a game-changing cyber security solution capable of stopping cyber attacks, even from sophisticated and well-funded attackers. 

"INTEGRITY's new technology, called nWire, makes the world's most advanced, government-certified-secure technology available off-the-shelf through our partner Dell, at commercial prices to the private sector," said Michael Liacko, executive vice president of INTEGRITY Global Security. "The system not only protects against even the most sophisticated cyber threats, but will also save companies money in total cost of IT ownership," he added.

INTEGRITY's announcement of its new solution that is built on certified-secure technology comes just a week after the Wall Street Journal article, Broad New Hacking Attack Detected, reported a new global cyber threat has compromised both corporate and personal data from nearly 2,500 companies. "These are precisely the sorts of threats INTEGRITY®-178B was certified by the National Security Agency as capable of defeating," Liacko commented.

INTEGRITY's nWire Secure Consolidated Client is the only secure solution based on certified technology specifically designed to protect against sophisticated attackers and offers the ability to eliminate one or more computers from a user's desktop without having to change anything in the network or backend to support the Secure Consolidated Client. It is deployable and scalable within minutes after unpacking and reduces cost of ownership from 27% to 46% over supporting multiple computers at a desk.

  • The solution is designed to meet stringent requirements used by the government for data separation and is based on proven technology
  • INTEGRITY nWire is based upon the INTEGRITY-178B technology with the first and only separation kernel to be evaluated by the National Security Agency (NSA) and certified by National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) to EAL6+ High Robustness for protection of classified information against well-funded sophisticated attackers
  • Plugs directly into existing environments
  • Requires minimal training

Retired Air Force General Gene Habiger, who commanded STRATCOM and was the Department of Energy Security Czar, and now serves on the INTEGRITY Global Security Board of Advisors said, "INTEGRITY nWire is a vital contribution to US and corporate security in the new digital world." In a recent white paper published by the Cyber Secure Institute, Cyberwarfare and Terrorism: The Need for a New U.S. Approach, Gen. Habiger stressed that the nation is at risk of a cyber 9-11 or Pearl Harbor. He emphasized that to counter this threat both government and private sector systems must deploy technologies that are tested and proven secure against the sophisticated threats we now face. "INTEGRITY's nWire meets that high bar. It represents a powerful first line of defense," Gen. Habiger added. General Habiger's white paper is available at:

"Our global economy is fundamentally built on computers and networks. Companies are losing billions of dollars each year, through the costs of data thefts and the loss of valuable intellectual property to foreign government spies and organized crime. It is time we embrace technologies like INTEGRITY that can protect us against sophisticated attackers in order to stem the tide as quickly as possible," said Paul Kurtz, cyber security advisor to the White House and member of the INTEGRITY Global Security Board of Advisors.

"As recent news reports show, cyber threats now affect not just the White House and the Pentagon, but virtually every sector of American business -- from Google to Merck to Paramount Pictures. What is truly revolutionary here is that nWire makes a military grade secure system commercially available at an affordable price and without compromising the user experience. No longer do companies have to weigh the price of security over cost of ownership. INTEGRITY nWire is designed so that all companies can afford to be truly secure," said Liacko.

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