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August 30, 2011 06:00 ET

"Integrity is Not Optional in Business" -- Jerry Colangelo Leads Integrity Summit 2011 Promoting, Cultivating Integrity as the #1 Organizational Value, Requiring Integrity in Employees

Integrity Summit 2011 Presentations by: Jerry Colangelo, Avnet, Go Daddy, the FBI, Arizona Commerce Authority, Molina Fine Jewelers, Merchants Information Solutions, Plaza Companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, WP Carey School

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Aug 30, 2011) - "Integrity is not optional in Business!" says Jerry Colangelo*, internationally recognized sports business executive who built his career on integrity with trust, handshakes and keeping his word as his ethical means of doing business. Colangelo is turning his concerns about the seeming absence of integrity into action via Integrity Summit 2011 with executive presenters from Avnet, Go Daddy, the FBI, Arizona Commerce Authority, Molina Fine Jewelers, Merchants Information Solutions, Plaza Companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, and ASU Carey School, September 13, 2011, 7:30am-Noon, Phoenix Country Club. For information, to be a sponsor, to reserve seats, contact or Sue Wood 602.955.5656 x 231 /

"It's time to make Integrity the predominant value! Look at the recent breaches of integrity that have cost big: a stock insider deal sank the career of a Berkshire Hathaway executive and damaged their brand, News of the World shuts after a century plus of success, employees leaking iPad2 code, and retail employee 'shrinkage,' meaning employee theft, is reported at nearly 50% of the retail workforce -- more than shoplifters by double digits," Colangelo said. "On the plus side of integrity, look at the huge, enduring successes of well known companies who make Integrity number one exemplified by the world class organizations presenting at Integrity Summit 2011," Colangelo added.

Underscoring the "front burner" that Integrity is taking as a business focal point, HR Magazine's "Your Cheating Heart" article cites how not screening for and not overtly requiring integrity in employees has resulted in tremendous losses to business. The "Your Cheating Heart" article cites companies like AT&T, Hospitality Corp. and others who are now using integrity testing in the pre-hiring process. A recent Journal of Business and Psychology report states that employees not screened for integrity are 500% more costly to an organization.

"On an Integrity speaking tour sponsored by Merchants, it was sobering to see a majority hands fly up when Jerry Colangelo asked graduate students at Thunderbird, WP Carey and Eller business schools if they had seen frequent activities at work that obviously lacked integrity," said Gregg Ostro, co-founder of the Integrity Business Institute and creator of Integrity Summit 2011 with Jerry Colangelo. "The grad school speech events, data from Merchants who administers nearly a million pre-hire Merchants Integrity Tests annually, and the constant news of business improprieties from leaders to regular employees was the impetus for Jerry and I to develop a plan of action. Integrity Summit 2011 and the Integrity Business Institute have been created to help organizations bring Integrity front and center and to provide strategies and tools to make Integrity an operational platform for all the benefits this value provides," Ostro added.

Integrity Summit 2011 has a remarkable line up of presenters who will share how they use and cultivate Integrity in their businesses and the community. Presenters and Topics currently scheduled include:

  • Jerry Colangelo, Chairman, USA Basketball, Basketball Hall of Fame and principal of JDM Partners, "Integrity Pays: Winning Gold in Beijing and Getting a Record Price for the Phoenix Suns"
  • Jun Li, VP, Chief Governance & Compliance Officer, Avnet, "The Business Case for Having Integrity as the #1 Value in Today's Global Economy"
  • Christine Jones, Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, The Go Daddy Group, Inc., "Integrity Is Worth Billions: Integrity & The Go Daddy Partnership"
  • Deanna Salazar, Chief Legal Counsel, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, "Cultivating Employee Integrity=Better Financials"
  • Don Cardon, President and CEO, Arizona Commerce Authority, "Integrity: the Number One Operating Philosophy"
  • Sharon Harper, President and CEO, The Plaza Companies, "Integrity Means Helping Your Community Too"
  • Russ Johnson, CEO, Merchants Information Solutions, "Data Proves Integrity Employees Afford Huge ROI"
  • John Iannarelli, Asst. Special Agt. in Charge, FBI, AZ, "Integrity and the FBI"
  • Marianne Jennings, Dept. of Mgmt, W.P Carey, ASU, "Ethical Dilemmas, The Ethical Barometer"
  • Alfredo Molina, CEO Molina Fine Jewelers, "Integrity, Trust: Must Haves in Who You Do Business With"

*Jerry Colangelo is a national spokesperson for Merchants Information Solutions

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