September 19, 2005 08:00 ET

Intelagents Inc. Commits 10 Percent of Profits from Its Shield Address Messaging System to the Rebuilding of the Gulf Region

CHICAGO--(CCNMatthews - Sep 19, 2005) -

SAM's Enhanced Capabilities Improve First Responder Communications During Natural Disasters and Acts of Terror

Intelagents Inc., creative innovator of the Shield Address Messaging (SAM) System™ and other advanced security surveillance, detection, and encryption technologies, today announced that it has integrated enhanced first responder communications into the Shield Address Messaging System. Designed to improve emergency communications during natural disasters and acts of terror, the first responder technology unites cellular, PDA, and wideband data capabilities -- encrypted by Intelagents' patented DeepCloak™ software -- allowing confidential, secret, and top secret transmission of information for emergency and interagency communications.

Mr. Gregory E. Webb, Intelagents' chairman and CEO, states, "SAM was specifically designed for first responder communications and government agencies communications during disasters like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, terrorists attacks in New York, London, Madrid and Washington D.C., and earthquakes like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Further, Mr. Webb states, "If SAM had been installed in New Orleans, first responders and disaster relief personnel would not have lost communications." Mr. Webb has committed 10% of the profits of SAM installed in the Gulf Region to the rebuilding of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana and assisting the hundreds of thousands of victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina -- the most catastrophic natural disaster in US history.

About Shield Address Messaging (SAM) System™

Intelagents' Shield Address Messaging (SAM) System™ incorporates multiple weapons of mass destruction (WMD) detection technologies and first responder communications while solving the inevitable funding shortfall faced when addressing today's security needs. Deployed throughout metropolitan areas, mass transit systems, ships, ferries, public buildings, and other critical infrastructures, SAM works continuously throughout natural disasters (e.g., floods), WMD attacks, and other crises to deliver public and emergency messaging (e.g., public service messages; traffic and crowd control; and evacuation routing).

About Intelagents Inc.

Intelagents Inc., headquartered in Chicago and with offices in Athens, Madrid, Mexico City, and Singapore provides advanced homeland security solutions, products, and countermeasures to protect and defend borders, ports, mass transit systems, airports, financial institution systems, and critical infrastructure against acts of terrorism.

Intelagents Inc. implements leading-edge technology to detect, analyze, and monitor radioactive/nuclear, chemical, biological, explosives, hazardous/contraband materials, and to apply predesignated countermeasures during emergency situations to save lives, protect assets, and mitigate damage.

Intelagents' security solutions and products ensure a seamless and continuous work environment. Daily operations and workflow are not disrupted for two reasons: (1) the focus is on integrated design, and (2) the Radioactive Isotope Detection Systems do not generate false positives because the algorithms and sensitivity levels differentiate radioactive isotopes among static handled containers, moving vehicles, and pedestrians -- activating the alarm only when threat radioactive isotopes are detected.

This press release contains forward-looking statements about Intelagents, Inc. that involve risks and uncertainties. These statements are developed by combining currently available information with Intelagents' beliefs and assumptions. Forward-looking statements do not guarantee future performance. Because Intelagents cannot predict all of the risks and uncertainties that may affect it, nor control the ones it does predict, Intelagents' actual results may be materially different from the results expressed in its forward-looking statements.

Intelagents is a registered trademark of Intelagents Inc. Shield Address Messaging (SAM) System and DeepCloak are trademarks of Intelagents Inc.

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