SOURCE: Bluespring Software

July 12, 2005 14:06 ET

IntellAgent Solutions and Bluespring Software Deliver Case Management Solutions Leveraging CRM & BPM Technologies

CINCINNATI, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 12, 2005 -- Bluespring Software, the Business Process Management (BPM) software company that enables process design, execution AND management from a single desktop, announces its partnership with IntellAgent Solutions, a highly experienced solutions provider and business process consulting firm concentrated on solving the complex process management problems associated with case management.

Case management is a collaborative process that assesses plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, evaluates options and delivers services built around an individual. It involves connecting people, regulations, documents and records through standardized processes. IntellAgent's case management solutions are built upon customized implementations of Microsoft CRM that significantly extend out-of-the-box features by adding legacy and third-party system and database integration, imaging, document management, call center integration, and process management functionality. IntellAgent is currently serving both the Commercial and the U.S. Federal sector.

Fueled by "No Child Left Behind," the leading commercial Supplemental Education Services (SES) provider is using an IntellAgent case management solution to scale the growing demand for curricula built around each student's individual needs outside of the classroom. Each tailored program (case) involves a complex process that involves a mix of educators, facilities, policies, and procedures. In the Federal sector, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is pushing agencies to consolidate their case management infrastructure. Case management is one of the E-Gov Line of Business initiatives, and along with the Government Paperwork Elimination Act, is a driving force behind the emphasis by Agencies to automate the case loads of investigative, adjudicative, legal, and healthcare-related case workers.

"Bluespring's BPM Suite with its .NET service-oriented architecture (SOA) and web services API will provide us with a framework that will readily integrate with our CRM-based solutions. Our integrated BPM/CRM solutions will deliver compliance, visibility, and auditability to the case management process, giving our clients the assurance they require that all policies and procedures are being adhered to," said Kurt Reiter, President of IntellAgent Solutions.

"IntellAgent is an ideal Bluespring partner; exceptional vertical expertise, a successful history of marrying technology with intellectual capital to deliver superior value to the customer and they value the combined power of a partnership. We're excited they chose Bluespring," said Rob Daly, President & CEO of Bluespring Software.

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Bluespring brings a business execution capability to the enterprise. Bluespring's BPM Suite enables enterprise applications to be all they can be. Enterprise applications all launch critical processes that are largely ignored from a management standpoint. By effectively managing the end-to-end process, the expected results can be achieved, compliance can be adhered to and C-level executives can gain visibility into the "mission critical" operational aspects of their business.

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IntellAgent Solutions is focused on solving complex process management problems in both the Commercial and Federal Government markets by delivering integrated process-driven solutions that address each customer's unique business process automation requirements.

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