March 30, 2015 07:45 ET

INTELLI-KID Launches a Collective Game, a Big-Wheel Quiz About Healthy Lifestyles: "ENVIRO-HEALTH"

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - March 30, 2015) -

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The big-wheel quiz ENVIRO-HEALTH, with its original and unique design, was developed and produced by Veronique Janiak and her team at INTELLI-KID, a Montreal firm. It is produced in Quebec, with recycled materials. The questions cover the following topics: active lifestyles, nutrition, obesity and physical inactivity, diabetes, the four food groups, and the effects of climate change and air pollution on the health of the population. These questions and answers were reviewed and validated by experts in health and the environment: doctors, researchers, nutrition experts, and the IUCN.

This game creates awareness of healthy living, and is fun and easy to play. In addition to the serious issues, there are humorous questions, mimes to perform and joker cards, all to make it even more fun, more dynamic and more active.

Participants respond to questions about healthy lifestyles and may be asked to mime certain sports and diseases in order to earn points. Thus, although the game has a serious purpose, it becomes a fun event, enjoyable and interactive, that everybody loves.

The wheels are quite large, colorful and are a show in themselves. Easy to transport and install, they will make a success of all activities for awareness and education on healthy lifestyles. These are perfect tools for schools, municipalities, youth or cultural centers, day camps, libraries and grocery stores. They can be used by facilitators, school nurses, green committees, healthy lifestyle organisations, kiosks, cafeterias, university campuses, childcare services and neighborhood or village festivals. The wheels are reversible, so they can be adapted to a wide variety of topics.

These large quiz wheels create good interaction and synergy, and promote learning in an atmosphere of fun and good humor. They also promote awareness for large groups at once, while developing the following skills: cooperation, reflection and logic, quick thinking, oral expression, participation, vocabulary, reading, memory and knowledge about health and the environment.
According to Véronique Janiak, the founder of Intelli-Kid and designer of the game, improved awareness should increase the desire to take charge of one's own health and act to improve it. This is the vision that inspired the concept of this big quiz wheel, ENVIRO-HEALTH.

As part of Nutrition Month, this tool will be available for free loan to NGOs working in the health field.

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