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May 09, 2011 09:00 ET

IntelliCyt Launches Suite of Apoptosis Assay Kits

ALBUQUERQUE, NM--(Marketwire - May 9, 2011) - IntelliCyt Corporation, a life science technology company focused on commercializing innovative high-throughput cell-based screening products for drug discovery and life science research, has launched their first suite of assay kits, focused on addressing the apoptosis screening market.

The suite of apoptosis assay kits simultaneously measures multiple endpoints using a fraction of the sample volume required in traditional flow cytometry assays. The suite is comprised of four separate kits that allow researchers to choose the endpoints that provide the most value to them. "By utilizing our HTFC™ (high throughput flow cytometry) platform, we can reduce the amount of sample needed by 50-90% and provide relevant endpoint measurements on multiple apoptotic pathways, ultimately giving researchers more confidence in categorizing apoptotic effects," said Christopher Black, Ph.D.,Vice President of the Application Sciences Group. "The screening assays we are developing take advantage of our proprietary technologies to quickly make concurrent measurements on individual cells at rates of thousands of cells per second, providing anywhere from one to six readouts per sample."

The apoptosis suite of assays represents the first of many assays that IntelliCyt plans to launch addressing the need to obtain more answers with smaller amounts of sample. By using far less sample than current methods, coupled with producing more information, the IntelliCyt assay kits, in conjunction with the HTFC platform, achieve significant productivity increases and provide better decision-making capabilities. "We believe our technology will address the existing bottleneck in producing enough cells to perform screening campaigns as well as reducing the costs in working with cell lines. Our technology will redefine what users can accomplish through their screening campaigns," said R. Terry Dunlay, CEO of IntelliCyt.

The HTFC Screening System is a revolutionary new instrument platform designed to perform high-throughput, multiplexed, single-cell analysis on cells or particles in suspension. In conjunction with the proprietary HyperCyt technology, a two laser flow cytometric detector allows researchers to analyze complex cell and bead suspensions prepared in 96- or 384-well microplates at rates of up to 40 wells per minute using as little as one to two microliters per well. The detection system has four fluorescent channels and two channels based on light scatter that allow up to six measurements per cell. The system incorporates the IntelliCyt Data Manager, an informatics platform that quickly and efficiently analyzes and manages the data from screening campaigns.

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IntelliCyt Corporation develops and markets innovative high throughput cell and bead-based screening products and services for the drug discovery and life science research markets. The Company uses proprietary technologies to create instrumentation, assays, and software products that dramatically increase the speed and decrease the cost of detecting and measuring cells and beads using flow cytometry. IntelliCyt's products address a pervasive need among pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research laboratories to achieve increased productivity while adapting to the accelerating pace and increasing complexity of modern life sciences. The company's corporate headquarters are located at 317 Commercial St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102. For more information, please visit

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