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April 03, 2007 08:15 ET

Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS) Adds New Features to Its Hard Drive Duplicator, Introduces New Forensic Option for Mac as Well as CF Adapter

CHATSWORTH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 3, 2007 --

A. Adding New Hashing Methods (SHA-1 and SHA-2) to ImageMASSter Solo 3 Forensic

ICS has added two advanced and important hashing methods (SHA-1, SHA-2) to its Image MASSter Solo 3 Forensic Hand held Duplicator. The additions to the hard drive duplicator enhance the hashing capabilities and overall improved performance.

The SHA-1 and SHA-2 hashing functions, in addition to MD5, are considered today's standard and most advanced hashing methods, recognized world-wide by all law enforcement authorities and court systems. With the latest updates, the ICS ImageMASSter Solo 3 Forensic can be easily configured to hash data using any of the following: CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-2 hashing methods.

B. Seizing from Unopened Mac Computer

The software enables users of ICS' portable hard disk duplicators -- the ImageMASSter Solo 3 Forensic and the LinkMASSter -- to copy the suspect's hard drive from an unopened Mac computer.

The software applies very advanced hashing methods (CRC32; MD5; SHA-1 and SHA-2) to guarantee a mirror image of the suspect's hard drive, with no changes to the suspect's hard drive.

C. New Flash Card adapter -- 9 and 5 Channel Adapters for the Image MASSter 4000

IM4008 (CF 9 Channel Adapter), and IM4004 (CF 5 Channel Adapter)

This option allows mass duplication of flash cards with ICS' ImageMASSter 4000 family. The 9 and 5 Channel Adapters support 50 pin micro card devices and enable our IM4000 duplicator range to copy to 8, or 4 cards at a time. The 9 and 5 Channel adapters are designed for generic flash cards, and enable the copy of any other specific cards (SD, etc.) with the appropriate adapters.

About ICS

ICS, who pioneered the hard drive duplication market, has consistently innovated the IT and computer forensic markets with portable and advanced tools such as the Image MASSter line, the Drive Lock line, and the Link MASSter and Road MASSter lines. Established in 1990, ICS has a published patent of its duplication technology and its back-up system. ICS has gained international name recognition for 17 years of customer service and for providing its customers with cutting edge solutions for copying and cloning hard drives, copying hard drive data to multiple target hard disk drives, back up of data, and mass hard disk drive duplication at speeds faster than any other method available today. ICS's products are used by thousands of private and public organizations throughout the world, including major PC manufacturers, large and middle size corporations, government, and the educational market.

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