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April 03, 2007 08:30 ET

Intelligent Gadgets Debuts syncVUEpro at NAB 2007

syncVUEpro Bolsters Remote Collaborative Video Editing & Review Workflow; Adds Voice Notes, Playlists, FTP Support, Graphics Layer and Support for Online Web Video

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 3, 2007 -- Intelligent Gadgets (, the creators of advanced collaborative digital media review and approval tools, today announced they will debut syncVUEpro -- a new and significantly enhanced version of its flagship Skype-based media review tool -- during NAB 2007 next month in Las Vegas. Building on the powerful collaborative media sharing capabilities of syncVUE, syncVUEpro adds key capabilities critical to workflow requirements of large production and post facilities, such as the ability to review online QuickTime media, Intelligent Playlists, FTP support, voice notations and a graphics layer.

The founders of Intelligent Gadgets will unveil syncVUEpro in the Tiger Technology booth #SU14705 during NAB 2007 on April 16, 2007.

"syncVUE has touched an emotional chord among the production and post house community -- we've clearly anticipated their pain when it comes to the collaborative review workflow. As a result of our unique and surprisingly simple approach to remote collaborative review, we've received tremendous feedback from customers on how to make syncVUE that much more indispensable," said Michael Buday, president of Intelligent Gadgets. "syncVUEpro is the manifestation of the feedback and requirements of some of the largest, most respected facilities in our industry."

Scott Templeton, executive producer at Pie Town Productions, a television production company specializing in reality and documentary programming, has embraced syncVUEpro as a key tool in connecting the creative teams between its Los Angeles and Chicago facilities. Templeton adds, "syncVUEpro was clearly developed by experienced editors. Only a fellow editor, someone who has lived the angst of the review and approval process, could develop a feature-rich solution that not only makes the collaborative review and approval workflow easier, but actually make it more effective and efficient."

New Features of syncVUEpro

Making its debut at NAB 2007, executives from Intelligent Gadgets will highlight syncVUEpro and its innovative new collaborative enhancements, including:

--  Synched Online Video Access: syncVUEpro adds the ability to view and
    collaborate with perfectly synched online video directly from the Web,
    eliminating the need to forward or FTP media files to all participants.
    Simply enter the URL location to the media file and all participants in the
    session can immediately begin to watch and review the movie.
--  Graphics Layer: Draw, make notes or annotations directly to the shared
    media for all participants to see (and add to) in real time.
--  Voice Notes: Record audio notes to add comments, recommendations or
    ideas to recall later or share with a colleague not in the session at a
    later date.
--  Intelligent Playlists: A new versatile database enables users to track
    all assets (media files) wherever they may reside; on a server, local or
    networked drive, or on the web.
--  Built-in Automatic FTP Synching: New built-in FTP function allows
    media within a project to be automatically uploaded to multiple FTP
    locations. Clients running syncVUEpro will automatically receive media
    files as they become available -- keeping everyone in the project in-sync
    at all times.
--  Storyboard HTML Export: Printed video frames with graphics, titles,
    notes and timecode can be exported as HTML files for viewing locally or on
    the web.
syncVUEpro: Enhancing the Professional Collaborative Workflow

syncVUEpro builds on the premise of the original syncVUE, also extending the promise of powerful collaborative media sharing capabilities to the digital media review and approval workflow process. syncVUEpro also delivers:

--  A powerful media player with frame accurate collaborative control
    enabled by SKYPE;
--  Ability to play any media file supported by QuickTime;
--  Ability to play Windows Media and MXF files (via a plug-in from
    Telestream) providing compatibility with Sony's Blu-ray based XDCAM
--  Audio/video chat, enabled by SKYPE and leveraging syncVUE's
    synchronized media playback capability;
--  Virtual Laser Pointer capability, enabling multiple participants to
    simultaneously point to any visual element of the movie in real-time
    during playback;
--  Ability to add time-code-based text annotations (markers),
    automatically propagated to all connected clients;
     --  Markers can contain titles and extensive notes for quick and easy
         review and approval process;
     --  Users can create annotations offline, reconnect to the session,
         and have all annotations instantly inherited by the other clients;
--  Upon completion, markers can be exported to industry-popular non-linear
    editing solutions, such as Final Cut Pro;
--  Advanced Licensing Management system enables customers to extend
    temporary licenses to colleagues or clients for flexible, hassle-free
    access to syncVUE.
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