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December 07, 2011 09:00 ET

Intelligent InSites Integrates Pentaho to Help Hospitals Improve Efficiencies With RFID and RTLS

New Capabilities Enable Hospitals to Analyze Real-Time Data for Improved Asset Management and Patient Flow

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 7, 2011) - Pentaho Corporation, the business analytics company providing power for technologists and rapid insight for users, today announced that it has partnered with Intelligent InSites, a leading provider of enterprise real-time location systems (RTLS) software helping hospitals improve patient satisfaction and operational performance. Intelligent InSites has incorporated Pentaho Business Analytics into their platform in order to automate RTLS data analysis and provide enhanced business intelligence tools for healthcare providers.

The Intelligent InSites platform offers an enterprise asset management solution, enabling hospitals to analyze data from RTLS and radio-frequency identity (RFID) tags on medical equipment. By tracking where equipment, such as wheelchairs or IV infusion pumps, is located at all times, hospitals can make better use of the assets they already have, eliminate unnecessary purchases and ensure equipment is available when needed. With the addition of Pentaho, hospitals using Intelligent InSites can perform extensive analysis on their RTLS and RFID data, uncover trends and gain actionable intelligence. For example, beyond locating wheelchairs in real time, healthcare organizations can discern if inventory is adequate and stored in convenient locations. In fact, hospitals using Intelligent InSites find that they have more equipment than they actually need; by making simple changes in response to the data analysis, these hospitals are making better use of their equipment and improving both overall patient care and their cost management.

Intelligent InSites also helps hospitals to manage their patient flow by tracking patients' progress from admission to discharge. Powered by Pentaho Business Analytics, Intelligent InSites enables hospitals to analyze processes, identify operational bottlenecks, shorten patients' length of stay, and improve patient safety and patient satisfaction. For example, when a patient is moved to an examination room, the system automatically alerts the nurse to take the patient's vital signs. As soon as the nurse finishes and leaves, the system notifies the doctor that the patient is ready to be seen. At the conclusion of the medical examination, the cleaning staff is notified to prepare the room for the next patient. Thanks to Intelligent InSites and Pentaho's real-time data analytics and visualization, hospitals work faster and more efficiently.

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"Intelligent InSites is dedicated to helping hospitals analyze their data in order to find ways to improve patient care. With the addition of Pentaho's real-time analytics and business intelligence capabilities, we can offer hospitals a powerful platform to automatically capture data and identify trends like never before," said Carol Tweten, Director of Product Management at Intelligent InSites. "Our partnership with Pentaho is helping us supercharge hospitals' real-time location systems and RFID solutions, thereby improving overall healthcare, one optimized process at a time."

"Providing better healthcare at a lower cost is one of the most important challenges facing business sectors today," said Tom Leonard, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Business Development at Pentaho. "By adding Pentaho real-time analytics and business intelligence to its platform, Intelligent InSites is bringing an entirely new dimension to its ability to help hospitals improve operational efficiencies. Together, we provide hospitals with best-in-class tools to quickly analyze data and improve processes, ultimately providing better care for patients."

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