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November 05, 2013 14:06 ET

Intelligent Living Inc. Announces Entry Into the $538 Billion Mobile App Industry

ILIV and APPZ Enter Into Agreement to Collaborate on Mobile Software

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2013) - Intelligent Living Inc. (OTCQB: ILIV) announced today that it had entered into a multi-year deal with Monster Arts, Inc. for the development of mobile and web accessible games, mobile health (mHealth) and wellness and learning applications.

"We are very committed to building mobile and web based platforms for wellness, mHealth and cognitive learning. With brands such as MIND360, Intelligent Living and Health and Beyond, we see excellent opportunities for this company to position itself as a leader in the field of genre, brand-specific applications. APPZ has a lot of experience and expertise in game and mobile applications development, and we are excited about this partnership and collaboration," observed Josh Eikov, CSO of Intelligent Living.

According to VisionMobile's 2012 Developer Economics report, "The app economy was worth $53 billion and is expected to expand at a 28% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) up to 2016, reaching $143 billion." A study commissioned by Telenor Group and the Boston Consulting Group in first quarter of2012 revealed: 30% of smartphone users are likely to use "wellness apps" by 2015 and secondly, mobile is the most popular technology among doctors since the stethoscope. The survey further revealed costs in elderly care can be reduced by 25% while maternal and prenatal mortality expenses can be reduced by as much as 30% through mobile solutions. As per a recent PwC Global Healthcare survey, 59% of the consumers using mHealth services reported that these services have reduced the number of visits to the doctor. The increasing enthusiasm among smartphone armed consumers for medical apps has made service providers to include apps in their delivery mechanism and provide services through it.

"As a Company that has been very involved in the mobile market we know that mobile healthcare apps and learning games are booming in usage, both by consumers and health care providers, but it's early days yet for the consumer healthcare industry. There is a huge potential for mobile apps in patient care much beyond what we are witnessing today. We are very excited to be entering this arena and look forward to a great alliance with Intelligent Living," said Wayne Irving II, CEO of APPZ.

According to a PWC survey, 64% of doctors believe the mHealth market to be full of exciting possibilities in the days ahead. For consumers, evolution in healthcare apps means more control and better management of their health at lesser costs. In other words, mobile apps are set to occupy a dominant position across the ecosystem.

Eikov went on to explain, "The Joint Venture calls for the building of app stores, portals and use of iTunes, Google Play and Nook, Kindle and other platforms for distribution of nearly thousands of apps. The apps will be available according to genre: mHealth will be available under the Intelligent Living brand, wellness apps will be available under the Health and Beyond label, and MIND360 Studios publishing platform will have its own portal and app store for what will become the premiere mobile location for brain games, puzzles, cognitive games and edutainment."

Both companies expect products to start to become available mid-to-late December in time for the holiday season.

About Monster Arts, Inc.
Monster Arts is a leading mobile marketing and app technology innovator, designing a variety of mobile apps for purchase and download by the retail consumer, and assisting business clients with online marketing through its Travel America Visitor Guide, mobile app design services, crowd funding consulting services, and Daily Deal information management and analytics.

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About Intelligent Living Inc.
Intelligent Living Inc. operates as a development stage company focused on the ever-expanding age management and wellness markets. Its markets include exercise, nutrition, supplements, mental acuity testing and training, through our newly acquired subsidiary MIND360, and hormone replacement therapy. The Company, based in Florida, is a health and wellness company engaged in the development of software and technology to aid in age management and cognitive health. The mission of Intelligent Living is to improve a person's quality and function of daily living over a span of many years.

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