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February 25, 2014 14:15 ET

Intelligent Living Inc. (ILIV) Issues Interim Update

ILIV Updates Shareholders on Key Issues

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Feb 25, 2014) - Intelligent Living Inc. (OTCQB: ILIV) issued the following interim update today.

Dear Shareholder(s):

On behalf of our team we thought that perhaps we should take a few moments and give a quick update on the status of our business as a whole as well as individual subsidiaries. As a direct result of Intelligent Living Inc. operating as a holding company we will always have companies in flux, either in due diligence or going through the acquisition cycle, which includes integration. These processes take time to complete and are not immediately accretive to our balance sheet- rather take resources in manpower and time. Our overall goal is to create a business that has multiple revenue streams and the ability to stand the test of time. We are adding businesses that are either core to our operations or fit into the eHealth and Wellness framework that we have established. 

With the idea of continuing our COA we announced in our 2014 Road Map that ILIV had set their direction around what they call core-operating-areas (COA). They are: Mobile and Gaming, Wellness Products and Services and Healthcare and IT Cloud Services. Here is an update on each of those core areas.

MIND360 Studios is our mobile and gaming platform for researching and further development of products and services that houses our already recognized brain games website. MIND360 Studios is the assemblage of experts, designers and scientists within the world of gaming and social science with the view of developing and designing edugames for general brain fitness, ADHD, PTSD and emotional distress. Through our cooperative development agreement with Monster Arts Inc. (APPZ) we will release several mobile games in 2014 through Google Play, Apple iOS and other platforms. We have initiated our MIND360 Android and iOS application and expect to release them for use in late April. Our publishing platform for independent game makers is also slated for release sometime in the early spring. Memberships in MIND360 grow daily and show very steady double digit growth patterns month over month. A formal marketing program is slated to start in late March.

DRLARRYDIRECT.COM, under the Health and Beyond label, is the culmination of over 40 years of health and wellness practice of Dr. Larry LeGunn, an expert in nutritional balance and wellness. The keystone of this website is the Bio-Nutritional Analysis test that measures the nutritional deficiencies within a patient through saliva and urine testing. The website then offers the prescriptive(s) of Dr. Larry that will feed the body what it needs to gain optimal health and wellness. Some of Dr. Larry's wellness formulas include: Dr. Larry's Sweet Dreams, Advanced HCG Formula and Dr. Larry's Heart Helper. In 2014, Health and Beyond will release formulas for sexual dysfunction, non-synthetic hormone replacement for women as well as other weight and strength related products. As announced we have launched the website and have begun to take orders and sign people to the VIP Club. We look forward to many years of success with DRLARRYDIRECT.COM.

In 2014, Intelligent Living Inc. announced its entry into the Healthcare Cloud and Managed IT business by offering and both parties mutually signing a Letter of Intent to acquire the assets of Venturian Partners. This subsidiary business will be established with a multi-purpose thought in mind. Firstly, we can get an efficiency scale within our business by owning our own cloud and hosting platform and; secondly it will provide us with sell-through opportunity for a bundled sale to schools, medical establishments and corporations of our other products and services by using technology as a leverage tool. We are currently completing the due diligence on Venturian and expect to complete this transaction in late March or early April. This will be an immediate positive impact to our balance sheet and to our overall business ability.

Just last week, we announced the LOI to acquire a private company called Green Roads of Florida LLC, which placed us in the legalized cannabinoid business. There have been a lot of questions around Green Roads and we hope to answer some of them here. Green Roads is a company that has developed several applications for cannabinoid products and has submitted patent applications for these products. We are investigating and conducting careful research and analysis which includes an extensive legal review so we can properly acquire and integrate them into the ILIV holdings family. We will of course update shareholders on every material event in this process. With the Federal Government just recently passing laws allowing banks to do business with these legitimate companies, we are very excited about the LOI, as well as exploring other opportunities in this lucrative market.

Our team appreciates our shareholders and we strive to communicate on all important and relevant matters with the most allowable transparency. We will continue to keep you updated as we are able and as material events arise.

If Investors have questions, please forward them to

Kindest Regards,

Victoria Rudman, Chairperson/CEO 
Paul Favata, President/Director 
Josh Eikov, CSO/Director

About Intelligent Living Inc.:

Intelligent Living Inc. operates as a development stage company focused on the ever-expanding eHealth and eCommerce markets. Its segments include exercise, nutrition, supplements, mental acuity testing and training, through our newly acquired subsidiaries MIND360 Studios, and Health and Beyond Nutra Company. Intelligent Living Inc., based in Florida, is a health and wellness company engaged in the development of software and technology to aid in age management and cognitive health. The mission of Intelligent Living is to improve a person's quality and function of daily living over a span of many years.

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